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All - I got some great help here in the past, so although quiet, will try again.  Here's my problem:

I have the head of household's residence listed as a fact which is shared with other family members. When I printed a narrative report, the sentences for the family members ("witnesses" I expect, because I did not know I could change the name of this role) all come out as : "She witnessed the immigration of HH at Address." (wife) Or "He delivered HH at Address" (son - for one residence) or "He witnessed the occupation of HH at Address." (same son, 3 other residences). Another son "delivered" 3 times and actually "lived at" shared residence once! Another witnessed the occupation 3 times and delivered once! What the heck is going on here????

When I run an individual report, these shared residences show up as multiple immigrations or occupations.
In the individual edit screen, all show as shared residence. The sentence for shared residence under Lists - Fact Type List - Edit shows the sentence saying "lived at."

This is RM4.
Thanks for any assistance. For now, I am editing like crazy in a Word document!

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After you have added your people who share a fact you will get to the window "People Who Share This Fact."  There you will have the option to click on Edit where you will be able to change the role of each individual from "Witness" to whatever you want. You can create your own roles there. e.g. daughter, son, mother-in-law.
But why are they not residences?  Why are some Occupations and some Immigrations?
Hmm, it seems each residence is showing up as whatever fact type is one line above it in the person's chronological list on the edit screen.  Wrong, but now I know how wrong.

In case the RootsMagic people don't monitor this discussion area, it might be worth telling them about the problem using the 'contact us' facility.  I used it a while back to point out a problem which came up after downloading one of their updates, and they issued a further update within a few days to put it right.

There was an issue when RootsMagic 4 came out that when you shared a role with multiple people it did not automatically assign them a role.  This has since been resolved.  We are now on version I am assuming the roles did not get assigned to your individuals during the period mentioned previously. Go back, like Karen Struve suggested and assign each individual a role.  Make sure to edit them even if they say their role is witness. Also make sure you have a sentence for the role you assign so it will appear in reports.


The RM Forums as an explanation of how an unassigned role can effect what appears in reports.



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