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What are your colonial (pre-Revolutionary War) Rhode Island connections? My surnames are:

Collins, House, Wright, Hopkins, Sherman/Shearman (they were followers of Anne Hutchinson), Odding, Hicks, Doane, Manchester, Wodell, Lawton, Wilbur, Russell, Weeks/Weekes, Gorton and Smith. They were mostly in Warwick, Portsmouth and Scituate. My Rhode Island connections left during the Revolutionary War and settled in Vermont and later New York.

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Hi Leah-

My ancestor, John Steere born circa 1630s arrived in the US in 1664, he married Hannah Wickenden, and they had ten children. Most Steere families can trace their lineage to this connection.

So, my RI roots are the Steeres, Mowrys, Comstocks, Fowlers, and other connected families. :)
My surnames are Peckham, Devol/Davol, Clarke, Coggeshall. They were in Newport, Middletown, Tiverton, Portsmouth, and Bristol. My Peckhams came to Newport in 1634 and lived in R.I. until my gg grandfather , Hiram A. Peckham, moved his family to Greenport, Long Island, N.Y around 1864.
My Rhode Island connection is with a Weaver Green born 07 Jan 1793 in Kent County. His father Joseph was in the Revolutionary War and the family moved to New York State at some point before the War of 1812. Weaver joined up for the War of 1812 and married Jane Doty 12 Jun 1816 in New York. At some point after 1823, the family moved to Michigan.

Since I am not positive regarding the surname of Weaver's mother, my only surname is Green (or possible Greene) at this time.
My Rhode Island roots start with Roger Mowry who came to this country in 1639 with the Winthrop Fleet. Other names are Rogers, Hazard, Johnson and Potter.

Not sure if anyone is reading this any more. My ancestor surnames from colonial Rhode Island include: Tillinghast, Williams (twice descended through Roger), Greene, Hopkins, Westcott, Burlingame, Keech, Bennett, Stafford, Brown, Bissell, Capwell, Knight, Rhodes, Babcock, Whitford, and Whipple.



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