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No you are not the first one here but I have Elizabeth Reynolds of Rhode Island who married Jeremiah Carpenter of the Rehobah Mass. line. from 1638. He rec'd her inheritance from her father and bought land up in VT. He went up in the spring with his sons and cleared land and built a cabin home. They moved up in the winter snows by oxen sled following the marks on the trees. I have been to Bennington Vt where the land is and it is beautiful. The little cemetary is still there and has been cared for by a Carpenter cousin in Williamstown Mass.
I have a Reynolds book that I bought by mistake and could not send back. It is the " History and Descendants of John and Sarah Reynolds (1630?-1923 of Watertwon Mass and Wethersfied Stamford and Greewich, Conn. Edited and Compiled by Marion H. Reynolds. Pub. by Reynods Family Assn. 1924 It cost me $35 to have it copied from the original. This is not my family and I would like to make it available to someone of this family.. It has been sitting on the shelf for 30 years but is still in brand new condition. Never been used. Linda Hannah

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Of the 3 Reynolds brothers who came from England, Henry--my Reynolds line--went to PA (1600s I believe), and one brother went "north". He, I believe, was John. Do you still have that book? Are you still wanting to sell it? How much do you need for it? My email is if you'd like to respond. I am Susan Cruse.





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