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Hi; I have been reseaching my  family history fo years and  have so fare have reached to 1829 for William Arthur Reed . He was born in 1829 Saint John N.B. and was later married to a Marry F. Dixon of Simonds  (Saint John County N.B.). They had seven children....

    James Reed...Died at infancy

    Jame Henry Reed b. 1854 (Moved to Manchester New Hampshire)

    George Reed b. 1856 (Stayed in Saint John N.B.)

    William Arthur Reed (Stayed in Saint John N.B. He is my G-Grandfather)

    Mary Ann Reed b. 1863 (Stayed in Saint John N.B.)

    Robert Reed b. 1866 ( Move to East Boston)

    John Allen Reed b. 1869 (Moved to Malden Mass.)

I have a lot of info. on the childern that moved to the the States but still looking for more. The one that I can`t find is on William Arthur Reed My g-g- Grandfather William Arthurr and  mainly on his father (name Unknown)  William was born in Saint John N.B. in 1829 or 1830 and died 1 April 1887.

If anyone thinks they are related or have any info. on the Reeds Please let me know


                                                                              thank you Arthur William Reed (Bill)

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 Mr Reed, my name is Earl Brown and my step grandfather's name was Earl Reed and thats all I know of him .When he passed he was married to Elizabeth Julia Brown  and they lived on the south end of Columbus Ohio. He had 2 step kids

  1 boy Jack Lee Brown  1 1 girl Betty Louise Rindhart. If you could give me any help i would great full.





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