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This line is actually that of my fiance, Jonathon Ebling. The furthers I have gone back is where my line came over from Germany on the ship Orleans in 1935.

Wilhelm Rauschkolb (b. 1782) --> Louis Rauschkolb (b. 1818) --> George Rauschkolb (b. 1856) --> Arthur Rauschkolb (b. 1884) --> George W. Rauschkolb Sr. (b. 1915) --> Sandra Rauschkolb (b. 1937 m. Robert Ebling) -- > Joyce Ebling (living) --.Jonathon Ebling (living).

You will find records of all of these individuals from Sandra back to Wilhelm living in Belleville, St. Clair Co., IL. This line has women with maiden names of Beese, Bair, and Hartnagel.

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