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My grandmother was born in Germantown to parents Eugene and Anna Donnelly Wormer. They had 7 children Marie (Wormer) Kendra, Rita (Wormer) Crawford, Bertha Wormer, Eugene Wormer, John Wormer, Joseph Wormer.

My grandmother (Anna) moved away when she married, but as far as I know the rest of the family stayed closeby and I have thusfar been unable to determine where any of them have been buried does anyone have any ideas?

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My Germantown born Catholic relatives are buried in Holy Sepulchre cemetery. Others were at New Cathedral and Old Cathedral.  Have you ordered death certificates? The actual certificate usually identifies the cemetery. Another logical place is the obituary of course. Germantown has a historical society that is wonderful.

I hadn't ordered Death certificates yet. My Mother and Uncles couldn't pin death dates down enough (at present most are 3-5 year spans).

Holy Sepulchre, I hadn't inquired there. Last time I was in Philly I found Anna Donnelly Wormer's parents in Old Cathedral, but none of the Wormers were there.

The Historical Society is a great idea I tried to go there once, but it was closed on my free day, I haven't had a chance, or remembered, to try again. Thank you!



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