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The above mentioned people were/ are my x5 great grandparents. peter`s`s ancestry has been traced as far back as to the approx. time of the mayflower & further back to england by atleast x1 to 2 generations that i know of at this point . Jane Surdam`s ancestry can be traced back to 1690`s & potentially farther to the netherlands. they had quite a large famil/y moderate for that time period . if any info is needed about these perry`s please contact & i will be happy to help.


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Hi! I have Perrys in my family tree in the CNY area....I sent you an inbox message.  My Perrys are Ida E Perry (my g grandmother) and Priam Perry and her mother Julia Matthews from the Oneida county, NY, area.  I'm hoping you have some ideas!!



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