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My Pendergrass line is through my dad. Althought I have seen my Pendergrass Line extended to Matthew Pendergrass born about 1770 in NC. I have only personally proven my line to his son, John Eley Pendergrass born 1803 in NC. Here is my line from him.

John Eley Pendergrass (b. 1803) --> John Eley Pendergrass (b. 1829) --> George Matthew Pendergrass (b. 1852) --> George Washington Pendergrass (b. 1881) --> Bert Joe Pendergrass (b. 1907) --> Ralph Bert Pendergrass (b. 1940) -->Anthony Eugene Pendergrass (b. 1957) --> Carrie Tuck (ME) (Anthony & my mom never married). Everyone in this direct line is deceased with the exception of me (of course...LOL).

These men have married women with maiden names of Warren, Gregory, McGuire, Rodgers, McColley, & Berg

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I have gone back further than Matthew Pendergrass. I have about 20 notebooks just on Pendergrass. Would love to share information.  Feel free and I will look up the information.





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