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Some info on Capt David Peebles down to the Cannons of Knox County, Tennessee

The following PDF was created by me from an orphaned webpage, meaning the page is still online but the website associated with it is gone. You'll notice it starts at generation 5, because I removed the info about the living family members.

This line is not my line although I have a line back to Capt David Peebles. I will have to dig up that info.

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My maternal grandfather, Verner Allen Cherry (1893-1964) was the son of William Henry Marshall Cherry (1867-1932) and Clarinda Isadora Dugger (1867-1930). William Henry Marshall Cherry was the son of James K. Polk Cherry (1844-1890) and Nancy Evaline Atteberry (1841-1916). Nancy Evaline Atteberry was the daughter of Barnett Atteberry (1813-1912) and Caroline Peebles (1818-1859). Caroline Peebles was the daughter of Bird Peebles (1795-1852) and Nancy Brooks (1795-1868). Bird Peebles was the son of John Peebles (1763-1849) and Wilmouth Owen (Abt 1768-1803). John Peebles was the son of Lewis Peebles and Sarah Peebles. Lewis Peebles was the son of Abraham Peebles (1695-1782) and Mary Green. Abraham Peebles was the son of William Peebles II and Elizabeth Hamlin. William Peebles II was the son of William Peebles and Judeth Drayton or Hamlin. William Peebles was the son of Capt. David Peebles and Elspet Mackie.

Geographically my Peebles connections slowly move from Scotland to Virginia on to South Carolina then to North Carolina, then to Kentucky then to Macoupin County, Illinois with my grandfather finally settling in Madison County, Illinois near where I live in St. Louis County, Missouri.
There is a very good book about the Peebles family in the US starting with David Peebles. I don't remember the exact title of author but I will get it. Some of the information is incorrect but most of it is correct. Through a DNA test of my father I found an exact match who is related to us through Thomas Peebles' brother Plummer Peebles.
Here is a simplified line to keep it short:
Capt. David Edward Peebles m Elspeth Mackie (others later) his father may be Robert Burgess Peebles
William Peebles I m Judith Drayton
William Peebles II m Elizabeth Hamlin - my connection with you
Thomas Peebles I m Sarah (Tatum?)
Nathaniel Peebles Amelia (Meley, Milley) ?
Thomas Peebles m Martha Patsy Plummer
Thomas Micajah Peebles m Mary Hawkins
Lewis Jacskon Peoples I m Lucy Catherine (Haskins) Gregory widow of D.W. Gregory
Lewis Jackson Peoples II m Josephine Thomas Haskins
Edward Gregory Peoples m Leah Caroline Graves my father's parents/my grandparents

My Peoples family moved to North Carolina from Virginia just a generation ago due to the flooding of their land from a dam being built to create a lake; before that they tended to remain in Virginia.
Isn't it interesting how the name changed within the generation? I wonder why?

is there more ifo that you can tell me about the Peebles and what is the name

of the book so i can read about them can always Google "Capt David Peebles" and find a wealth of info and links and then visit these, which is something I do when I can't find specific info in my "normal" sources.

Here is a website with info and then I always check the sources, etc.

I have stumbled upon info in the past by doing this sort if "controlled" genealogy web-surfing.

Within this site (referenced by the link) there is a reference to:

"However, in 1864 a native of the town of Peebles, William Chambers (1800-1883), published Peebles and its Neighborhood. He and his brother Robert (1802-1871) had a publishing firm, W. & R. Chambers, in Edinburgh. In 1872 William Chambers printed for the Scottish Burgh Records Society the charters and documents relating to the Burgh of Peblis, with extracts from its records, A.D. 1165-1710.

"Other works of value are A History of the Border Counties by Sir George Douglas, 1893, reprinted 1899; Peebles, Burgh and Parish in Early History, by Robert Renwick, 1903; and various books by Lord Tweedsmuir (John Buchan), Governor General of Canada in 1932, who grew up in Peebleshire. Scores of other books are worth consulting, but cannot be listed here.

"The name originally was Pabell, the plural variously spelled Pebyl, Peblys, Pebillis, etc. The spelling Peebles, with variations, began to be used in the 1500s and 1600s. Peebleses is a modern plural, even a century ago several of them were still referred to as ‘the Peebles.

As you read down through the information and the early records mentioned, you find some of the site owners comments. I find the comments are always an insight to considerations which may or may not result in discoveries as you research the opinions... Here is one he posted and it is valid consideration and needs continued research:

Comment: If I had to guess, I’d guess that David Peebles was in the military in Scotland, and that he ended up on the opposing side to the Cromwellians. This would account for his children being baptized at different places and his attaining military rank and prominence so soon after he arrived in Virginia. Furthermore, he must have been more than a flunky junior officer in Scotland to have feared for his life. The fact that he left Scotland without his younger children undoubtedly means that he left them in the care of relatives, but this had to have been a heart-wrenching decision, and underscores the urgency of his leaving Scotland for Virginia. It may also mean that his "crimes" were of such magnitude that he feared for the safety of his older children, if indeed, he took them with him. I can’t imagine him escaping with his older children and leaving his wife behind, unless she was already dead. See below, it is possible that William and Christian came to America at a later time.

Looking at his Notes and References at the bottom of the page also provides excellent sources, one of which is "Peebles, Anne Bennett, Peebles Ante 1600 - 1962, pp. 1-10."

By searching the web for the book, minus the particular page, I found this site: 

and it is outdated as noted by the message at the top of the page however there is a reference for the book at the bottom ... I do not know if it is still a valid address but here it is ( I hope this helps ) :

Any serious researcher of the Peebles name needs to have a copy of Anne Bradbury Peebles's book 'Peebles Ante 1600 - 1962'. This book can be ordered direct for $28.50 postpaid from:

Rev. Dr. E.H. Peeples 8 Moon Shell Road Hilton Head Island, S.C. 29928-5444





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