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I began this group a few days ago. So far no one (including me) has shared any family recipes. I have one I will look up and post here, as soon as I can, it is for Confederate Army Soup. Does anyone else have vintage recipes they can share? If not how about something your Grandma made that you can't live without cooking every now and then.

Today I made a dish I remember from my childhood. It is Zucchini Casserole. Layer thinly sliced zucchini, cracker crumbs, Parmesean cheese and tomato sauce (thinned a little if you like!) I microwaved it unitl the zucchini was done, (not mushy) and the cheese melted. It is very good with an unusual taste!

Does anyone else have a recipe they can post here?

Take care,

Linda K.

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This is my great grandmother's lemon pie recipe that my mother used.

Take the juice and grate the yellow portion of the rind of two lemons, two cupfuls of sugar, yolks of four eggs, four tablespoonfuls flour and two cupfuls of water. Cook the mixture until it is well thickened. Bake the pastry then pour in the mixture. Beat the whites of four eggs to a froth, add two tablespoonfuls of sugar, spread over tops of pies and bake until brown. This makes two pies. Mrs. F. A. Haskins
Your lemon (meringue?) pie sounds wonderful, thank you so much for submitting. I think pie making is mostly a lost are these days!
What a great idea for a group. I have my grandmother's old cookbook somewhere. I always used to note that she would spill flour and eggs all over the pages and not seem to care. She called it seasoning. The hardened pages had the best recipes. Most of the time she didn't use a cookbook at all and thankfully I memorized those best recipes too. I will look for the book and post something.
Hi, All - Love this great idea.  I enjoy digging into my family genealogy & would love to find here some old recipes that my ancestors made - as if by making the recipe, I could get closer to their lives!  Most of them were from Clark County, Indiana - names are Peyton, Spencer, Work, Bottorff, Long. I'll get out some of my mom's old cookbooks & look for the ones she highlighted, so I can post them.


                    This is a very simple pie, and so very delicious.  A great crowd pleaser.


                                            Impossible Coconut Pie


2 cups Milk                                               1 teaspoon Baking powder

1 cup Flaky Coconut                                  1 teaspoon Vanilla

1/2 cup Flour                                             1/2 stick Oleo (margarine)

1/2 cup Sugar                                            4 Eggs, room temperature

     Put everything in a blender in exact order given.  Blend one minute on high speed.

     Pour into a nine inch greased pie pan (glass).

     Bake at 350 degr. for 45 minutes.


Of all of the Impossible Pie combinations from Betty Crocker Bisquick recipes over the years, this is our family favorite.

So easy and fun just mixed in a blender.  The grandchildren love it too..Enjoy!!



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