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My NEWTON family came from Virginia.  They went to Hancock County Kentucky.

                                            Descendants of William NEWTON                                             
30 Oct 2012
1. William NEWTON (b.Abt 1730 d.Abt 1781-,Caroline Co,VA)
  +-2. James A. NEWTON (b.Abt 1760-,Caroline Co.,VA d.1834-,Breckenridge Co,KY)
    sp: Mary Catherine BOEHLER (b.Bef 1765 m.1782 d.1840-,Breckenridge Co.,KY)
     |-3. Sarah NEWTON (b.1783-,,VA d.1850/1860-,Hancock Co.,KY)
     | sp: Paul LYONS (b.1781-Botetourt Co,VA m.8 Oct 1802 d.4 Oct 1833-,Hancock Co.,KY)
     |  |-4. Mary (Polly) LYONS (b.1803/1806-,,VA)
     |  | sp: Matthew E. HOGAN (b.Abt 1806 m.10 Sep 1829)
     |  | sp: John TERRELL (m.21 Mar 1841)
     |  |-4. Peter LYONS Sr. (b.7 May 1804-,,VA d.27 May 1863-McQuady,Breckinridge Co,KY)
     |  | sp: Dorcas WILLIAMS (b.14 Feb 1809-Montgomery,MD m.6 Feb 1827 d.11 Jan 1907-McQuady,Breckinridge Co,KY)
     |  |-4. Evaline LYONS (b.1806/1808-,,VA)
     |  |-4. Nancy LYONS (b.1809/1810-,,VA d.17 May 1848-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA)
     |  | sp: Ransen or Ransom CORLEY (b.Abt 1818-,Ohio Co,KY m.17 Jan 1830 d.11 Apr 1848-,Shelby Co,OH)
     |  | sp: Redding PEYTON
     |  |-4. James W. LYONS (b.1812-,Breckinridge Co,KY d.1888-Harrison Co,MO)
     |  | sp: Agnes CORLEY (b.Abt 1815/1817-,Ohio Co,KY m.12 Sep 1833 d.Abt 1893-Fair Play,Polk Co,MO)
     |  |-4. John W. or L. LYONS (b.1815-,,KY)
     |  | sp: Rachel SINNETT (b.Abt 1815 m.24 Mar 1836)
     |  |-4. Isaac LYONS (b.20 Nov 1819-,,KY d.28 Apr 1911)
     |  | sp: Agnes HALE (b.5 Mar 1815-Pattonsburg,VA m.7 Jan 1841 d.21 Aug 1874-Fayette Co,IL)
     |  | sp: Sarah EDWARDS (m.19 Aug 1875)
     |  |-4. Susan LYONS (b.25 Aug 1825-,Hancock Co,KY d.6 Jan 1884-,Hancock,KY)
     |  | sp: Sylvester M. RICE Sr. (b.12 Jun 1822-Point Pleasant,Mason Co,WV m.2 Dec 1841 d.6 Jun 1876-,Hancock,KY)
     |  | sp: John F. SMITH
     |  +-4. Thomas LYONS (b.25 Aug 1825-,,KY)
     |    sp: Mary Ann JONES (b.Abt 1825 m.22 Jun 1844 d.1847/1850)
     |    sp: Phoebe JONES (m.30 Jan 1851)
     |-3. James A. NEWTON Jr. (b.28 Jan 1785-,,VA)
     | sp: Sarah E. FALLS
     |-3. Mary "Polly" NEWTON (b.7 Jun 1787-,,VA d.31 Dec 1846-,Hancock Co.,KY)
     | sp: John L. SNIDER (b.5 Feb 1785-MD m.1 Oct 1808 d.27 May 1863-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA)
     |  |-4. Charity Newton SNIDER (b.22 May 1809-Botetourt County,Virginia,USA d.13 Jun 1863-Fayette County,Illinois,USA)
     |  | sp: William H. BARNETT (b.17 Apr 1798-Harrodsburg,Mercer,KY m.19 Jan 1832 d.8 Dec 1877-Minonk,Woodford,IL)
     |  |-4. Robert M./N. SNIDER (b.1810)
     |  | sp: Sara D. BYE
     |  |-4. Maria L. SNIDER (b.Abt 1815-,Hancock Co,KY d.Nov 1837-Garfield,Breckenridge Co,KY)
     |  | sp: Philip White TABOR (b.19 Sep 1799-Kentucky m.18 Dec 1836 d.28 Feb 1862-,Breckenridge Co,KY)
     |  | sp: Mr. HYDE/HEIDE (m.Bef 1935)
     |  |-4. James M./W. SNIDER (b.Abt 1816-KY d.Aft 1850)
     |  | sp: Sarah Jane BRUNER (b.Abt 1821-KY m.25 Nov 1838 d.Aft 1850)
     |  |-4. William D. SNYDER (b.1820/1821-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA d.1848-Puebla,Mexico)
     |  | sp: Zarilda SINNETT (b.1820 m.9 Aug 1841)
     |  |-4. Margaret E. SNIDER (b.Abt 1822-Breckinridge Co,KY d.1850/1853-MO?)
     |  | sp: Jacob Boehler NEWTON (b.21 Feb 1820-Breckinridge Co,KY m.9 Aug 1841 d.Sep 1854-Central City,Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  |-4. George Bruner SNIDER/SNYDER (b.24 Feb 1824-KY d.8 Mar 1910-Utility,Hancock Co.,KY)
     |  | sp: Lucy L. MILLER (b.25 May 1826-KY m.18 Nov 1847 d.14 Jan 1882)
     |  | sp: Mary Catherine DURNING (b.Mar 1845-KY m.6 Apr 1884)
     |  |-4. Sidney Jane SNIDER (b.30 Jun 1828-Breckinridge Co,KY d.17 Apr 1916-Edgar,Carbon Co,MT)
     |  | sp: Thomas Radliff NEWTON (b.17 Aug 1823-Breckinridge Co,KY m.30 Jan 1845 d.25 Jan 1867-Seneca,Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  | sp: John TORRENCE (b.Abt 1833-Scotlland m.Aft 25 Jan 1867)
     |  +-4. Rebecca E. SNIDER (b.1829 d.1880/1890)
     |    sp: Elijah L. WHEATLEY (m.11 Jul 1852)
     |-3. Nancy NEWTON (b.1792-,,VA d.Bef 1861-,,KY)
     | sp: George RICE (m.14 Sep 1814)
     |-3. Catherine NEWTON (b.1794-,,VA d.Aft 1861-,,KY)
     | sp: Henry RUSHER (m.15 Sep 1815)
     |-3. Jacob NEWTON Sr. (b.1794-,,VA d.27 Jan 1831-,,KY)
     | sp: Elizabeth "Betsey" SNIDER (b.14 Apr 1785-,Frederick Co,MD m.9 May 1811 d.1850-Breckinridge Co,KY)
     |-3. Elizabeth A. NEWTON (b.1795-,,VA d.Aft 1861-,,IN)
     | sp: William P. PAINTER (b.1786-,Botetourt Co,VA m.Oct 1812 d.24 Oct 1874-Adam Twp.,Parke Co,IN)
     |  +-4. Amanda Matilda PAINTER (b.15 Jul 1832-Rockville,Parke Co,IN d.12 Dec 1919-Gage,,OK)
     |    sp: John Hunter HILL (b.18 Aug 1828-IN m.26 Jun 1853 d.27 Feb 1922-Gage,,OK)
     |-3. Thomas NEWTON Rev. (b.22 Dec 1796-,Culpeper Co,VA d.17 Feb 1881-Beattie,Marshall Co,KS)
     | sp: Susannah RICE (b.8 Mar 1790-KY? m.10 Jul 1814 d.Sep 1854-Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  |-4. Samuel NEWTON (b.8 Mar 1815-KY?)
     |  |-4. Mary Ann NEWTON (b.14 Jan 1816-KY d.7 Jan 1903-KS)
     |  | sp: Hiram H. LANHAM (b.Hartford,Ohio Co,KY m.1846 d.Aft 1883-Seneca,Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  |-4. James Loren NEWTON (b.21 Feb 1818-Breckinridge Co,KY d.20 Feb 1903-Seneca,Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  | sp: Mary "Polly" RUSHER (b.Abt 1819 m.18 Jun 1843 d.1851-,Hancock Co,KY)
     |  | sp: Mary A. WICKER (b.Abt 1814-NC m.1852 d.Aft 1883-KS)
     |  |-4. Jacob Boehler NEWTON (b.21 Feb 1820-Breckinridge Co,KY d.Sep 1854-Central City,Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  | sp: Margaret E. SNIDER (b.Abt 1822-Breckinridge Co,KY m.9 Aug 1841 d.1850/1853-MO?)
     |  |-4. Thomas Radliff NEWTON (b.17 Aug 1823-Breckinridge Co,KY d.25 Jan 1867-Seneca,Nemaha Co,KS)
     |  | sp: Sidney Jane SNIDER (b.30 Jun 1828-Breckinridge Co,KY m.30 Jan 1845 d.17 Apr 1916-Edgar,Carbon Co,MT)
     |  |-4. John Calhoun NEWTON (b.25 Nov 1827-Breckinridge Co,KY d.Aft 1883)
     |  | sp: Mary J. MISE (b.Abt 1834-KY d.Aft 1883)
     |  |-4. Horace Monroe NEWTON (b.22 Apr 1829-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA d.23 Jun 1905-Lincoln,Lancaster Co,NE)
     |  | sp: Ursula Marsha HICKS (b.22 Jul 1837-Tippicanoe Co,IN m.1863)
     |  | sp: Carrie Elmer STIRK (b.1855-Pottstown,PA m.2 Feb 1875d.Lincoln,NE)
     |  +-4. Susannah G. NEWTON (b.12 Aug 1833-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA d.14 Aug 1833-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA)
     |-3. William NEWTON (b.1798-,,VA d.11 Jul 1859-,,KY)
     | sp: Milly
     |-3. Isaac NEWTON (b.24 Feb 1800-,,VA d.29 Jul 1837-,Breckinridge Co,KY)
     +-3. Susan NEWTON (b.1808-,Botetourt Co,VA d.Aft 1861)
       sp: Jeremiah FALLS (m.6 Sep 1825)
        +-4. James FALLS
          sp: Sidney NEWTON

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Replies to This Discussion

I am descended from Horace Monroe NEWTON (b.22 Apr 1829-Hancock County,Kentucky,USA d.23 Jun 1905-Lincoln,Lancaster Co,NE).  He was my great grandfather.  His son was Harold Granville Newton.  His son was Harold F. Newton.  And, then I came along.  

~ Hello, Cousin Berta!!!

That would make us 4th cousins twice removed.  According to some trees this NEWTON line goes back to Isaac ALLERTON of Mayflower fame.


Greetings!  Nice to meet you, Cousin!

Yes, Isaac Allerton.  I have photo of the Rev. Thomas Newton and also Horace Monroe Newton and family.






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