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Please help my husbands family lore is that a Cherokee married a Choctaw, but I can't prove or disprove.  This is what I know.


Charles Birt Timms/Tims (have seen it spelled both ways)

Born:  March 24, 1879

Married:  Maudie Alemdia Shores  Nov 8,1907 in DeQueens Ar

Lived in the Choctaw Nation 1910-1920  Eagle Town

Died in Texas Nov 7, 1936


Do not know parents or any sibling names for Charles, but I have been to his grave in Telephone, Texas


Maudie's parents were Matchy and Ben Shores.  Know siblings were James M Shores(died Apr 15,1945 in Broken Bow and a native of AR), Willie Shores.


Maudie was born june 15, 1887 (poss. Blackwell, AR)


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My husband's family is said to be of native lineage also. His family was from DeQueen, AR and some moved to TX. Some are said to have been born in Indian Territory. Based on information I have found I believe the Tims (Timms) line is Choctaw. I have a Benjamin W. Tims who married a Jane (possibly Mary Jane) Robins. I found a Jane Robins in the rolls as Cherokee. I also found a Benjamin W. in the rolls as 1/4 Choctaw. However the one listed, by dates, is not my Benjamin, but possibly related.  Benjamin W. and Jane had a daughter, Verdilla Jane, who was born 1878 in AR and died in Broken Bow, OK.

Although you have different names listed, I am wondering based on similar information and exact location if there is a possibility that your husband's family line and mine are both related.  In thought I am looking at it this way. Benjamin W. Tims as found on the 1910 Indian Census was born, based on his age, in 1897 in OK. Edward Tims, age 69 on the 1910 Indian census would have been born 1841 in OK. My Benjamin W. was born about 1857, and apparently your Charles was born 1879. Edward's son Benjamin would have been named after his grandfather or  possibly an uncle. Maybe Benjamin and Edward were brothers. I only have two names listed as children of my Benjamin, but that is not to say he didn't have more children. Like I said, they started in AR, moved to Broken Bow, and some went on into Texas. Maybe your Charles is son of Edward or Benjamin. I know your posting is dated back about five years. So have you found any further information?



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