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I am looking for all or any info on the chief from Pa who lived in Milesburg named The Eagles Nest just off of the Susquhanna River. The part of tribe that he was a part of was the Munsee tribe part of the Wolf Tribe.  The chief was also know as the Munsee Chief.  I am willing to give out any info that I get to anyone who wants it.



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Here is a link to a story about him falling in love with a white woman: Chief Bald Eagle
Thank you for the info on that story of him. I had part of that story but not all of it. Thank you Darlina, Do you know anything more on him? Does anyone have info on a Mordecai Wolford or a Mary Wolford in Pa around 1774 Mary was 14 or 16 years old. Any info would be great.

I have found a break through to Chief Bald Eagle.   I have info to believe that Chief Bald Eagle is related to ether William Young born 1826 in Pa and Died Feb 16 1908 in Centre County Pa.  His wife was Dadiema Ann Watkins born 1826 and died 1881.  I believe that both of these people are of Indian decendentants but not sure to which person is the son or daughter of the chief.   If you have info on eather People please let me know I have tons of storys to go with Chief Bald Eagle from the familys notes.

Hello Eric,

  My name is Bob Kellner and my grandmother Bess Alice Young (1890-1957) was born in Clinton County Pa and raised in Clearfield County Pa. She always told her family that she was part american indian but in 20+ years of research I've never been able to find a connection.

  I believe that she is somehow related to your William Young, but so far I cannot figure out how. I believe that her great grandfather George Young (born 1798) is listed in the 1820 Centre County Census as George Young Jr. and that William's father George Young (born 1772) is listed in the Census as George Young Sr. However, it is documented that William Young had a brother name George Young that was born later. So unless George Young was like George Foreman and named more than one son George, then they don' connect.  

  I would be very interested in helping you any way I can. Best Regards, Bob Kellner


thats a good possibility as john westly young son of william and diademmi had 2 sons named john. both had different middle names. back then our family used their middle names instead of their 1st.  i have seen that in the census records and i know they were the same person as the children stayed the same for many census records.  you will also find diademmi using different first names and i found them listed under the name of gardner as the 2 families were living together at one time.

This is interesting.  I believe I have a family of Native ancestry from Pennsylvania.  However, the family name changed spelling.  It was anglicized to Speaker (a real pain to search online).  I've been searching variants.  I've been trying to research the family of Carl Philip Spikert born November 1760 in York, PA, whose father was Henry.  I keep finding Mary Magdalena Spikert who has a Young in her background.  This is probably all coincidental, but if it wasn't for the Young name I wouldn't pay any attention at all. 

It's a real pain being stuck in upstate New York trying to research Pennsylvania.

my mom always told us the original started with the daughter of the chief but she couldn't remember the indian names. they all started in milesburg and lived in curtin.

i would love to read all of that. wm n diademmi are my gg grand parents.  mom always said the grand mother was a cheifs daughter, but i thought she was speaking of williams mom  and i heard stories that diademmi was a cheifs daughter also. because the other story was john westly youngs mom was the cheifs daughter and that was diademmis son,  no one left in that generation any more to ask. all the stories were passed by word of mouth.  what records there were got burned in a fire in the early 1900s.  centre county geneology society was trying to put families back together threw other records they could find but i don't know how far they have gotten.

Alright, I foung out some info about what I am looking for. My grandmothers maiden name is Yufer and her mothers is Overly. I do not know that anyone else is familiar with the name Overly, but she swears that it is a name descended from Bald Eagle. There is only one Bald eagle right? If so, then Im not sure where all these other names listed are coming from, but somehow she goes back to a Chief Bald Eagle. ( from the pennsylvania area) 

Thanks Savannah, I'm not sure either. Eric Hoffman seems to have alot of info that might shed light on the situation, but i can't seem to get in touch with him. Eric, please contact us if you can.


Bob Kellner


I do not come to this site often anymore, but i am so tired of trying to find the answers this way, so i will be updating my subscription on to have access to documents and also I will be searching the Dawes Rolls here in Texas, for my other side of my family, but seeing as I was adopted and not raised in pennsylvania with my biological mothers family, I doubt that I can get any real facts.


Sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner I am in the middle of renovation so things are a little crazy right now.   To Bob:  As far as Bess Alice Young goes I could almost say outright that a Young in that area of Pa is related to an american Indian.  I have a historian who is a Young helping me with Chief Bald Eagle, that has done an indepth study to the Young people in and around that area.  He has asked and douge into the Youngs and has asked plenty of them of their background, and they all say that they are related to American Indians for sure but they never have a name for the group of Indians.  As for me I am looking for Chief Bald Eagle possibly connected to the Watkins that married William Young.  I am going to see this historian in the begging of Dec when I go to Pa.  I can ask more than.  Do you have any more people related to this person so I can give him all the info so at leaste we can connect you to what we got and give you that. 

To Savannah:  To your question there were two Bald Eagle Indian chiefs close to the area but from different tribes.  So if you have heard of the Lenni Leape tribe or the Delaware indians than that is the same person I am looking for.  If he was an iraquoi indian than he would be the younger chief that was part of the scalping of the red haired Brady.  I will look up those names and ask around to see what I can find.  The cool thing about this sight is that you dont have to check it all the time you just have to check your e-mail and if you got someone post on it than they will let you know.  Any and all help I can give you I will in your search for your history.  I will try to keep intouch more good luck to all.



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