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Information, background and my opinion on latest MyHeritage development:
MyHeritage lowering Limit again

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I have a my heritage site and it seems like they "own" I am trying to compare the 2 sites and need some help from more experienced people..........Thank you!

Hi Mary,

I'm glad to hear you have an account on MyHeritage and I hope you enjoy all the features we have for you.

MyHeritage is an independent company. We don't own or other companies or websites, besides the ones we acquired in the past and publicly announce (GenCircles, Kindo, Verwandt, Zoof)

If you need any help regarding the management of the site I will suggest you to visit the FAQ section (


Best regards
Daniel Horowitz

Chief Genealogist

I use both my and ancestry I use both independently of one another so I always have my own copy of my family tree GEDCOM on my own computer as well as my family tree which is a work in progress on ancestry.  


I like the family story/book that my heritage offers, creating good reading for other family members once you have your family tree compiled! It can also be quicker to move around/use as it's on your computer and not online! 


Use as many of these softwares and websites as you can for your research and creation - you can always export/import gedcoms so you keep continuity of your tree.

I prefer My heritage to  ancestry . com 





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