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I recently had my mtdna analyzed through the National Geographic Gnome project.

They tell me that I am in HI haplogroup.  I'm just trying to understand what that means.


Why is it considered rare?


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Did they just tell you are HI?  I have had a test done through another company which says I belong to Halpogroup I.  I am wondering if it means that I do not belong to the subclades I1 etc?  

A few days ago, there was a major update to the mtDNA phylogenic tree at .  It is exciting to see many new subclades identified for haplogroup I. If you go to the site... after you click into "Build 14" (newest version of the tree), go to the bottom of the page where you will see links for continuation of the tree. To find haplogroup I, click on the letter N (as our haplogroup came from macro-haplogroup N). On the page for N, haplogroup I can be found several inches down in the upper portion of the page.  The tree provides designated mutations associated with the various subclades, so you might be able to determine your subclade.





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