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Hi Everyone,

My most wanted family member is William Avery.

Here is what I know from Census Records and his Head Stone.

Name: William Avery

Birth: 1812 (according to Head Stone)

Married: Clorinda Bailey in 1842

Died: 1872, Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Buried: Watson Cemetery in Roseville, Pennsylvania (Family Plot)

Children: Twins - Martha and Mary (b. 1842), Richard (b. 1848), George William (b. 1850), Frank C.(b. 1853), Menzo Ellsworth (b. 1855), Waldo "Wallace", (b. 1857), James (b. 1861) and Violette May (b. 1861).

What is questionable?

According to Census records:

Birth Year: between 1800-1812

Birth Location: New York, Rhode Island, Delaware and Pennsylvania (PA is listed on his children's census records so is DE).

What I'm trying to find...

Birth Date

Birth Location

Marriage Location (I think PA, since his wife was from there).

His parents names (I've been on many message boards, and there are many names being thrown around but none of them have shown to be true)  I am following a lead that might lead somewhere but I'm posting on here in case someone might have another route to consider.

Thanks for any help/leads/etc.

--Michelle Gimelberg

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Michelle or anyone else viewing this post - Have you ever encountered the surname Halstead or something close while researching the Averys in Bradford or Tioga Counties in PA or Chemung Co. NY ?

No Jim, I haven't seen the Halstead.  However, most of the stuff that I've seen has been transcribed and in alphabetical order so I wouldn't have gotten down to the Hs.


I ask about Halstead because Alvin Aaron ( or Aaron Alvin) Avery who is buried in Waverly NY and my grandfather's oldest brother was married to Harriet Halstead. Ebenezer Avery and his wife Lydia are buried in Alba, Bradford Co PA. Lydia was a Halstead. I believe that William Avery who died in 1834 was married to Elizabeth Halstead. So anyone researching the Halstead line may hold a clue to the Averys. There is someone on here researching the Halsteads in Bradford Co. PA but I haven't ever heard back from them.

One problem with these Averys in the Tioga/Bradford Cos. in PA and Chemung Co. NY is that none of our Averys left wills and none of the Bradford Co. Averys left wills. There is one probate record for a William Avery who died in 1834 and lists his wife, Elizabeth and Jacob and Levi. No relationship shown for Jacob and Levi. My belief is that Michelle's William is a brother to Levi and Jacob.

Another problem is the lack of church or cemetery records. When I first started chasing my Averys in Bradford Co. I was told that the records burned. But the cemetery in Gillett PA is an active cemetery. With no records how would they know where to bury someone?  I believe there are several Averys buried there without markers. Did the records really burn or is it the FBS - Fat Butt Syndrome - people too lazy to get off their fat butts and look.

I have been chasing these Averys since 1971. I am back to my great great grandfather, Jacob Avery born 1784 and have been stuck there since 1995 when I found his son Charles' death cert showing him as Charles' father but the mother's name was not known. I don't know if I can make the leap of faith and say that William is Jacob's father based on that probate record. Hopefully someone will respond to Michelle's post about William and tie all this together.



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