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i am struggling with an ancestor Fillipo Rossini who was born about 1795 in Como, Italy. He moved to Scotland and married Martha Abercrombie in 1819. He died in Gartnavel Asylum in 1849 where he had been for about two years. He wasn't mad but simply suffered from epilepsy. I contacted archives in Como but their records don't cover his birth period. I also contacted an Italian genealogist who advised that since we didn't know his birth village we may have to check over 400 parishes taking up to three years. The descendants of Fillipo and Martha would eventually migrate to Australia in the early 1910s settling in Brisbane, Queensland. My grandmother was a Rossini. I would be interested in any suggestions or information that may help me break down the brick wall. At the moment I have started an in depth search of all available records on the Rossini family in the hope that I may find information on his birth place.

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