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 What I have on the  this 2nd great grandfather is this. His name is Micheal William Rogers b. 1812 in  Milldgeville ,Baldwin, Georgia. I am not sure of the proof of that location. He is seen again in Montgomery ,Montgomery ,Alabama where he is  marrying Eliza Ann Laprade. They then move to Coosa County Alabama.

A great number of their children are born in Alabama,before they migrate to Texas. The remainder are born in Smith County Texas. I feel that they moved to Smith County Texas ,because Eliza grandmother and grandfather own the Loftin plantation in that area.  They also moved to Kaufman County ,Texas where Mike was killed after he was drug from his horse and beaten to death in 1875.

My link to this family is through their son Thomas S Rogers,b. 1854.

They had quite a large family and some of their children were quite successful :

Curran Micheal Rogers  attended college and was a Methodist Minister, After the death of his first wife ,he married the " Cattle Queen of Texas" Martha Raab in Corpus Christie. And Spent the remainder of his life in Austin Texas raising cattle on Rogers Ranch. He also served as a representative in the 18 th legislative term

A daughter  Texas Florida married a newspaper man in Kaufman ,Kaufman,TX Bennett Boggess . Mike and Eliza Named a son after him.

 This about all I know about MIke. He and his wife married after a short courtship of 2 weeks and she referred to him as her Irish adventurer. I believe he fought in the Seminole war, and at some point had went to sea. There is a ships wheel on  his tombstone in College Mound Cemetary.

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