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I'm hoping to find information on the English family of my ancestor Mary Ann Shakespeare, this is what little I know about her.
She was born in England in 1816, I don't know where.

She married James William Ivens on March 13, 1843, at St Patrick's Church in the Parish of Edgbaston, Warwichshire. They both resided on Aston Road. I have a certified copy of an entry of marriage in the Registration District of Kings Norton. I does not list either of their parents.
Her first child Mary Ann Ivens was  born 12/16/1844, and baptized at Trinity Church in Nottingham by Rev William Davers.
Her second child James William Ivens was baptized 11/21/1847, at St Peter's Church in Nottingham St Nicholas, I have a copy of this record.
In 1848 Mary, James and the children immigrated to USA, first to Bucks County, PA then on to Kent County, MD. They had two more children in the US and one of them was my great-grandfather.
Some speculation is that there may be a Worthington family connection to the Shakespeare side I say this because all of my great-grandfather's children had a family connected surname as a middle name. We can connect them all to a branch of either side except one, which happens to be my grandmother's name. Her name was Eliza Worthington Ivens. She told me it was from her grandmother's family, which would have been Mary Ann Shakespeare. My cousin's and I have been trying to find information for years but run into dead ends because so little is recorded about women of those times. What makes it extra difficult is that James William and Mary Ann cut off ties with their families when they came to US. All we know is there was a "falling out" and English family was never discussed.
Any information will be appreciated.

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Have you looked for either the husband or wife before they were married in the 1841 English census as that was an every name census?  Find my Past which is a paid website can be accessed for free from some family history centers.





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