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Hiram C. Whitney, born 1805 South Carolina, (probably Orangeburg), died 1839, Alabama.  We know all of his children, but not who his parents were.  We believe his father was either Francis Whitney Jr or Samuel Whitney of South Carolina.  We have no proof.  We know through testing males in the Whitney lines for YDNA and females for Family Finder and Ancestry DNA tests,  near where Hiram C Whitney and his brother Isaac lived that the families of Jeremiah, Macon, Malcom, Darling, and Daniel Whitney are all relatives.  No records during the time period needed survive in either Orangeburg or nearby counties that give us any details on any of these men except a petition and jury lists.   Since we know Malcom and probably Macon only had daughters, the only other males the right age to be Hiram's father, since it most likely isn't Jeremiah are Francis Jr. and Samuel.  Professionals have been hired and they also can find no court records linking Hiram to any of these men.  Does anyone have any of these men in their families?

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