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Family Tree DNA is running a Holiday Special on the price of DNA kits, Morris men are needed to participate in the Morris Surname DNA project. If you have a Morris man in your Family and are interested go to: and under Surnames type in Morris and it will direct you to the Morris Group, we have ove...r 170 members so your chances of a Match are very good. We are in the process of breaking down the Morris lines by Family. If you are looking for a Christmas present for a Morris guy who is interested in Genealogy this is the perfect gift.
I am one of the Co-Administrators of the group and if you have any questions you can send me an e-mail at:

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Which DNA test did you do??
I had my Cousin take a 67 Marker, we have 4 67 Marker matches.
I originally ordered a 37 marker and a few months later upgraded to a 67 marker.
I just talked to my second cousin and she said her brother will take test. I have ordered it and had it shipped to him. How long does it take??? I will need help to figure it out when I get results. Thank you for your help. I did order the 67
That is wonderful, I just sent you a Welcome from the DNA Group.
It should take about a week for the Test to get to him, he then swabs his cheeks and drops it back in the Mail. A return envelope will be Included. It takes about 3-5 days to get to the Lab, when the Lab receives it you will get an e-mail with a Kit Number and Password. This will take you to your Homepage, you can track the Progress there, it usually takes about 4 weeks once the kit is back at the Lab.

Good Luck
Hello, My brother Robert Marion Edmondson did a DNA, and the surname Morris is in this line, the Kit# is 44201 thru and, I am sad to say he just passed away on June 12, 2010 but what a great gift he gave us all. Other surnames attached is Parker, Taylor, Boon, Morris, Johnson, etc. The results seem to lean toward the Northern Ireland bunch, maybe Antrim.
I don't know much more but he did post over 31,000 names on the Morgan-Edmondson tree with Hopefully this information will help others researching these surnames. Of course there are many others but the list is too long to post on this forum.
Beth Ann Edmondson-Cosselmon

Beth, Would there be a James (Jim) Morris b abt 1908, lived in Los Angeles, California during the 1920's on that list?

Thank you, Norma Morris

How do I purchase a DNA kit? what is this 67 marker kit?  I don't know anything about these DNA kits but am interested. what are the results? Someone posted his family was attached to other surenames? does the kit give you names that you are linked to?







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