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I'v been trying to locate information on my great grandmother . Her name was Hermelina Morin. She was married to a Napoleon J Mercure and by 1900 they were living in holyoke ,Ma. Not sure if Hermelina was her first or middle name. Or if Hermelina is correct, she might have gone by Harmelia, Hermiline etc and maybe even Melena not sure, I know she died in or around 1919- 1920. Information is she was born in Michigan. in 1878 , where in Michigan I dont know. Who her parents were I dont know . I do know that both her parents were born in canada She might have been married in michigan around 1899 I found a Napoleon mercure married a Zoel L'Heureaux in michigan but that dont match up with her name or the age of Napoleon . My mom her granddaughter always said the was indian in the family not sure what kind there are different stories.My grandfather is buried in Chicopee ma. It is a single grave site so I'm not sure if she is buried in Ma at a  cemetry used by morins and  she might have even married a Morin and My grandfather is her second husband. My sister in ma. said there was a David Morin or a Robert Morin that married a Caroline Jetta and that she was indian. Don't know if thats true or not. Any help in unraveling this little mystery I have going would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely jane geiler

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