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Adams County, Mississippi was one of the centers of commerce in the Antebellum South. The county seat, Natchez once boasted of having the most millionaires in America before the Civil War. Many plantation owners held property and slaves in Adams County and in Louisiana. The people who owned my Rounds Family Ancestors, the Ellis-Farar families, owned plantations along what is US 61 today. Their properties included Ormonde, Laurel Hill, Presleigh and a home in the Beverly District of Adams county. Ormonde and Presleigh were in the area of the Feliciana Parishes in Louisiana. Laurel Hill was in what is today Wilkinson County, MS and the Beverly Plantation was in Adams County.
The counties that border Adams are Wilkinson County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County. The Parishes that border Adams county are Concordia Parish and Tensas Parish. Because of the major slave markets and commerce in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Natchez, there was constant migration between Eastern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. This group is intended for the research and support of genealogical resarch in those areas.

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