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The Donahues and Cashells are my brick wall. I can trace back to my grandmother Margaret A. Donahue (Donehue, sic) aka Maud N. Donahue b 1892, and her brother Benjamin Henry Donahue b.1899. But her parents seem to have disappeared.

Mate (Mattie, Matie) Cashell (Cashell) and Benjamin Donahue
Left both children at St. John's orphanage in 1895.
Benjamin Sr. worked at Leitelt as a steam fitter.
Both parents stated they were born in Vermont on the childrens' birth certificates.
There is no evidence of either one of them having been in in Vermont, though there is a Benjamin Donahue born 1830 in Vermont. (He may be a relative.)

If anyone has any suggestions where to look, or is related to this family, please contact me. Thanks

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I'm searching for Donohue"s in Michigan, too. My g-great grandmother, Lucy Ann Donohue (spelling variants, as well) was born in 1845-6 in Michigan but I don't know where nor do I know her parents' names. Somehow she moved to Brooklyn, NY around 1860 or so and married my g-great grandfather, Thomas McGlenn in Brooklyn in 1864. We may not be related but I do think people tended to settle in areas where there were already people they knew living there. What do you think?
Hi Nancy,
I think they do. If my gr-grandparents were, as some records indicate, born in Vermont, then they would have to have a pretty solid reason to go as far as Michigan when there were so many places along the way that might have been good choices for a couple willing to pick up and move. May have been friends or distant relatives. The name Lucy Ann doesn't show up anywhere, but I can see where names would be lost by children adopted out at ages 7 and 3.

My family was from Kent county, and moved to Detroit (Wayne County) though my gr-gr uncle stayed near Casnovia, and moved to Wisconsin for a time.

World Vital Records is offering free searches today through Thurs. Aug 11-13. And I think Footnote is offering free searches for the month of August. I found a lot on Footnote during the year I subscribed.

Keep posting here and you never know when your link is my link is someone else's link and we break through our brick walls. BTW--my mom's best friend in high school was named Virginia Sullivan. I'm not sure when she moved from Grand Rapids to Detroit, but that could have been in either county, around 1926-31

Thanks for posting Nancy. Keep in touch.



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