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My McGinnis ancestors came from Co. Down Ireland to New York and then on to Ontario Canada circa 1834. John McGinnis, 7 sons and 2 daughters (there may be others!) settled near Guelph Ontario. They did not stay long, moving on to various parts of the USA by the 1860s.

John's known children were:

* Sarah m John Tobin
* James (never married)
* John md Margaret Keogh / Kehoe
* Francis (Frank) md Nancy Cornfoot
* Hugh md Jane Keogh / Kehoe
* Daniel md Margaret Downey
* Mary Jane McGinnis md Thomas Canfield
* Constantine md Margaret Cochley
* Joseph md Frances (Fanny) Downey (my line)

I have been researching the descendants (all children and their families) of John McGinnis for the past 30 years. I'm happy to share information with other interested descendants!

A brief outline can be found at

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My McGINNIS ancestors were probably from Northern Ireland. The earliest known was Stephen McGINNIS, born ca. 1750,
who fought in the Revolutionary War. Stephen McGINNIS resided in Shoreham, Vermont in the 1790 census.
The McGINNIS family moved in the early 19th century to Crown Point, Essex County, New York,
where some remain even today. Is anyone researching this McGINNIS family?

Thank you for your interest. Richard



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