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My 7th great grandfather was Sampson Mason born about 1624 in Lancashire, England, possibly Bolton; died Sept 1676 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. He married Mary Butterworth and had 13 children. I am descended from their son Joseph Mason and his second wife, Lydia Bowen. Would love to exchange information and Ideas from other descendants of Sampson Mason.

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I was very interested in your note--Thomas Clifton appears to have been related to Rev. Richard Clifton, the Separatist minister of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England.

Can you tell me how you think Thomas Clifton is related to this Richard Clifton-I have been reading about him and he only had three sons and none named Richard.

My husband is also related through the Obadiah Bowen line. His ancestor is Lydia Bowen who married Joseph Mason.

I am especially interested in the Richard Clifton and his connection to Thomas Clifton.

Thanks for any help at all.

Kathy Clifton
husband Lassister Neale Clifton

The Clifton family was settled at Out Rawcliffe, Lancashire in the late Fifteenth Century. Jams Clifton, son of Richard Clifton and Alice Butler had a son James Clifton who was twice married, first to Alice Lawrence of Ashton Hall, Lancashire, and secondly to Elizabeth (MNU). Son through James' first marriage married Margaret Butler of Bewsey, Lancashire. These were the parents of William Clifton of Westby, Lancashire.


The given name Thomas enters the family in 1517 through the marriage of William Clifton of Westby, Lancashire to Isabell Thornborough of Hampsfield, Lancashire. Their son, Thomas Clifton of Westby, Lancashire was twice married. One possibility is that our Thomas Clifton was a descendant through his second marriage to Alice Anderton of Euxton, Lancashire.


Richard Clifton of Scrooby is said to have come from a branch of the Clifton family that had been settled at Nottinghamshire as lords of the marors of Wilford and Clifton since the Eleventh Century with ties to the Lancashire branch.


Richard Clifton's ancestral line is below:


The descent of the Clifton estate was as follows:
  • Sir Gervase de Clifton, knight (d 1324), m Amflicia, daughter of Sir William Sampson of Epperstone
  • [His son Sir Gervase de Clifton, knight (d c.1316), m Alicia, daughter of Sir Robert de Rabacy of Glapton, Notts, pre-deceased him]
  • His grandson Sir Robert de Clifton, knight (1297-1327), m Emma, daughter of Sir William de Moton
  • His son Sir Gervase de Clifton, knight (1313-1391), m (1) Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert de Pierrepont, (2) Isabella, possibly daughter of Harbord alias Finch, and widow of William Scot of Brabourne, Kent
  • [His son Sir Robert de Clifton (d before 1391), m Agnes, daughter of Lord Grey de Wilton, pre-deceased him]
  • His grandson Sir John de Clifton, knight banneret (d 1403), m Catherine, daughter of Sir John de Cressy of Hodsock
  • His son Sir Gervase Clifton, knight (d 1453), m Isabella, daughter of Sir Robert de Francis of Foremark, Derbyshire
  • His son Sir Robert Clifton, knight (d 1478), m Alice, daughter of John Booth of Barton, Lancashire
  • His son Sir Gervase Clifton, knight (d 1491), m (1) Alice, widow of Richard Thurland, daughter of Thomas Neville of Rolleston, (2) Agnes, widow of Sir Walter Griffith, daughter of Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough, Yorkshire
  • His son Sir Gervase Clifton, knight (d 1508), m (1) Agnes, daughter of Sir Walter Griffith of Flamborough, Yorkshire, (2) Joanna, widow of Sir Nicholas Byron, daughter of John de Bussy of Houghton, Lincolnshire
  • His son Robert Clifton (d 1518), m (1) Alice, daughter of Sir Simon Digby, (2) Anne, daughter of Henry, 10th Lord de Clifford (Richard was a grandson of the above Robert Clifton)

Presumably, Thomas Clifton either came through Nottinghamshire as a separatist from Lancashire or was a native. I suspect the former, but the latter is also a possibility.

Thanks so much for this fantastic information.  The Cliftons were very interesting people!  

Ruby Coleman



I am a historian from Bolton and while researching a book on my home town during the civil wars of the 1640's I came across Sampson Mason and his family. The book is called Massacre; the storming of Bolton, and is about the battle Sampson fought in and in which his father and uncle were killed.


I did get access to the parish records and have that information for Sampson and all his brothers and sisters but its not in the book. If you are interested I can repost.






Sorry for the delay in responding to your post about the Massacre.  I would love to have the information on Sampson and all his brothers and sisters.  Can you post it?  Also, can you share more information on the book Massacre ... author, publisher, date?  Thanks so much.   Ruby 


Hi Ruby
As I said it was while researching my book I came across Sampson Mason. The book is called “Massacre; the storming of Bolton”, author David Casserly, Amberley Publishing, 2011, ISBN 9781848689763. You should be able to get a copy in the States and it covers in detail the battle in which Sampson’s father and uncle were killed and the events in Bolton during the civil wars of the 1640 - 1650s as well as a brief history of the town.

The records below are from the parish records for the church of St Peter, Bolton-le-Moors (which is the old name for Bolton in use in the 1600s). The Mason Family were definitely from Bolton as there were 18 townships and five chapels in the parish at the time and they were said to be of Bolton, not any of the other townships. The records are fragmentary for some years but the marriage of Sampson’s grandparents is recorded

3 Oct 1592 Alexander Mason & Anne Shawe

Unfortunately it doesn’t mention Sampson’s parents, Robert and his wife Hannah Elizabeth but it does mention all his siblings. Please note I took these direct from the parish records and spellings were not consistent at the time. The records are

30 Jun 1622 Hanna Masonn of Boulton d. of Robert
6 Dec 1624 Sampson Masson de Boulton f. Robert
6 Jan 1627 Sara Masonn of Bolton d. of Robert
1 Feb 1628 Marye Masonn of Bolton d. of Robert
8 Feb 1634 Elizabeth Masonn d. of Robert
de Magna Boltonn
29 Jan 1637 Thomas Mason s. of Robert de Magna Boltonn

Hope this helps with your research and if you do manage to get a copy of my book I would be interested in what you think.



David, yes I'm very interested.  I'd love to see the info.  Can you please post?  Thank you, Dorothy

I just joined the group.  I descedn from Sampson's son, Pelatiah.

I'm starting to think that my Mason may belong to this Mason line. 

I am at a brickwall with my 3rd great grandfather was James Mason who married his 3rd wife, my 3rd grandmother Margaret Randall (Allen) (Clark) (Mason).  I cannot seem to find his parents with any firm certainty.  He was born in MA and I believe he died somewhere in the Brunswick, Medina, Ohio area.  I've been able to find most of his descendants with his 3 wives and yet still cannot find his parents' names with absolute certainty. He was born 1773/4 in MA Rehoboth OR Adams MA, died in Medina Co, 1850.  Was his father James Mason or Philips Mason??  If he was Philips, it looks like it goes all the way to Sampson Mason.....



I just loaded my raw data DNA onto Gedmatch and wonder of wonders I am getting a match on the Hay side of the family, 5.0 cM. Supposedly Mary Lanbotham was the daughter of John Lanbotham and Susan Hay. I can't find a Susan Hay anywhere but I am matching DNA for Elizabeth Douglas the wife of Francis Hay, the Earl of Errol. So there is definitely something here.

This Douglas line goes back to a royal line, Robert Bruce. So I'd really be interested if other Mason cousins would load their raw data DNA from Ancestry, Family Tree and 23 and me onto Gedmatch. Gedmatch is free. Then email me at

I guess this is a good problem to have, just don't have all the answers.


Heidi Haines Handley

Descendant of Sampson Mason via Susannah Mason Bly and William Bly.

I descend from their son, Pelatiah and his wife, Hepsibeth Brooks.  Who was Joseph's first wife?  Lydia is the only wife I have for him.





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