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My 7th great grandfather was Sampson Mason born about 1624 in Lancashire, England, possibly Bolton; died Sept 1676 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. He married Mary Butterworth and had 13 children. I am descended from their son Joseph Mason and his second wife, Lydia Bowen. Would love to exchange information and Ideas from other descendants of Sampson Mason.

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I am descended from Sampson & Mary through 2 of their sons - Isaac & Pelatiah. Am interested in sharing information!
I am descended through Sampson and Mary's son Joseph. Wow! You have two connections to them. One thing has bothered me for years since I started researching this family. This involves Sampson and Mary's third child and third son, John. He was probably born in Dorchester (MA) between 18 March and 12 May 1656. When his parents removed to Rehoboth he was left with John Gornell, a tanner of Dorchester, to be brought up. He was probably less than one year old at that time as they removed to Rehoboth in 1657. The record of the First Church of Dorchester contain an entry stating that he was the son of Samson (sic) Mason and was to be baptized. He was age 4 at the time. They received permission from his parents in Seaconk (sic). He married Content or Constant Wales. He was a tanner and shoemaker by trade and died without children. He was buried in the old cemetery in Dorchester.

I have discussed this with several other Mason genealogists and nobody seems to speculate as to why they left an infant. Was he ill? They went on to have 10 more children, so it wasn't like they didn't exactly want more children. Any ideas?
It seems to be a bit strange. He may have been sick, or deformed in some way. Or they may have planned on moving and found that it would have been too dangerous for a new baby. It's also possible that Mary was unable to breast feed him and they couldn't find a wet nurse. But why not get him later? Were the people he was left with childless and relatives? You could go on and on, including the possibility of his father being in question and Sampson refusing to take him.

I don't think we'll ever really know. But then, this is the type of thing that makes genealogy so much fun!!
I have considered the question of Sampson being his father, but knowing the laws of that time period, it seems Mary might have been questioned about it. You have a good point about her not being able to breast feed him. I don't "think" the John Gornell family were relatives. There is that nagging question about why the Masons never came back for him. He was raised as a Mason and not a Gornell, proof in the baptism. While he did marry he may have been "slow." His early death makes me suspect his health was precarious and perhaps he had something congenital that they felt he would be best to remain with the Gornell family.

Oh yes ... you are right. We may never know, but it's so much to ponder.
Hi, I am also a decendent of Sampson through his son Isaac. Leaving the baby with the Gornells puzzled me also. I think that because Sampson was a shoemaker, it would make sense to have that son learn the tanning trade and have a tanner in the family. Mr. Gornells was a tanner. Life was so different then. I was born a Mason. I am decended from Isaac, Hezekiah, Hezekiah,Reuben, Reuben, Reuben, Dennis and my grandfather Dad had two girls so that's the end of the Mason name. Although, I named my first son Mason. Still living close to the Rehoboth area. This has been so fascinating.
Hi I am Marcy Mason Bridge and I am descendant of three of Sampson Mason's sons: Issac, Palitiah and Benjamin. I have opened a group elsewhere on this family line and am looking for history, info and other relatives. If you are interested plese contact me.
Yes I am interested. Ruby Coleman

Sampson was my 8th great grandfather. I am descended from his son Benjamin. I am interested in learning more about his military history. Ironically, one of my other ancestors, Robert Mac Laughlin, from Scotland, ended up in the New World because he fought against Cromwell's army and was deported after being captured. I guess the dragoons had other reasons for ending up over here. Eventually, my ancestors ended up in northern NY State. The last Mason in my line, was Anne b. 1772, daughter of Christopher. Where did you end up?



My line from Sampson Mason (7th great grandfather) is through his son Joseph Mason.  Joseph and his second wife Lydia Bowen were parents of Joseph Mason who married Elizabeth Barney.  Their daughter, Freelove Mason, married Joseph Cole.  They were my 4th great grandparents.  They did not remain in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, but migrated to Washington Co., Virginia prior to the Revolutionary War.  That's how my ancestry ended up in the south!   Ruby
My maternal 8th great grandparents were Sampson and Mary (Butterworth) Mason. He was from near Rochdale, Lancashire, England. She was from near Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England. I descend from daughter Thankful Mason who married Thomas Bowen, son of Obadiah and Mary (Clifton) Bowen. Incidentally, there is a likely blood relationship between the mother of Mary (Clifton) Bowen and Mary (Butterworth) Mason. It is believed that Mary (Clifton) Bowen's mother was Marie (Langbotham/Longbottom) Butterworth, the widow of Henry Butterworth, and mother of Mary (Butterworth) Mason. She married 2nd to Thomas Clifton, who was the father of Mary (Clifton) Bowen.

There appear to be other kinship links between the Langbothams/Longbottoms and another of my maternal ancestors, Abraham Shaw of Weymouth, MA. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth (Langbotham/Longbottom) Shaw of Northowram, near Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England. I also suspect Shaw/Mason connections. There is an Alexander Mason married to an Anne Shawe who are the parents of a Robert or Probert Mason. This Robert/Probert Mason is identified by some as the father of Sampson Mason. The parents of Thomas Shaw of Northowram, Yorkshire, England are said to have been Thomas and Sybil (Mason) Shaw.
Lydia (Bowen) Mason was the sister to my ancestor Thomas Bowen who married Thankful Mason who was the sister to your Joseph Mason.

On the Bowens and Cliftons. It appears that Thomas Clifton was a son of Richard Clifton or Clyfton of "Rehoboth" Nottinghamshire, England. Thomas Clifton appears to have been related to Rev. Richard Clifton, the Separatist minister of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England. Thomas Clifton married Ann Stokes or Stockes recorded at Granby, Nottinghamshire, England. The Clifton family descend from one of the Norman soldiers who accompanied William the Conqueror to England. They settled at Lancashire and at Nottinghamshire. Thomas Clifton's second marrieage appears to have been to Marie (Langbotham/Longbottom) Butterworth, widow of Henry Butterworth. Still uncertain whether Mary (Clifton) Bowen belongs to the first union with Ann Stokes, or to the second union with Marie (Langbotham/Longbottom) Butterworth.

Richard Bowen came from near Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was twice married, first to Ann (Bowne?) Bowen, and second to Elizabeth (Rey) Marsh. Son Obadiah is from the first union. Richard had been at Salem, Mass Bay Colony for a time, and I suspect that is where he married first wife Ann. I have a strong suspicion that first wife, Ann might have been a daughter of William and Ann (Holmes) Bowne of Salem who had come from Yorkshire, England originally. Ann (Holmes) Bowne, daughter of Robert and Catherine (Johnson) Holmes, was a sister to Rev. Obadiah Holmes the infamous Baptist minister who fled Salem and settled at Rehoboth. I believe this is where the given name "Obadiah" comes from in the Bowen family. Richard Bowen left Salem, settled in Weymouth, and later in Rehoboth. Richard married 2nd Elizabeth (Rey) Marsh, widow of George Marsh of Hingham, Mass Bay Colony. The Bowen surname is common is South Wales. Some have said that Richard Bowen descends from a royal line of Bowens, but this has yet to be proven. The most probable parents for Richard Bowen appear to be Richard and Mary (Williams) Bowen of Ilston, Glamorganshire, Wales, but this has not been verified.
You have shared some wonderful information. I really appreciate this and will begin comparing it with my information and notes. I am recovering from knee replacement surgery so can't spend too much time on my main computer, but will definitely study this great information you have sent. Wow! Ruby





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