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Most of my families originate from this area in Maryland and I have acquired a nice collection of reference books. For Frederick County I have both volumes of The Diaries of Jacob Engelbrecht, The Jacob Engelbrecht Marriage and Death Ledgers, Frederick County Lutheran Marriages and Burials 1741-1811, Marriage License Index for Frederick County 1778-1810 and 1811-1840. For Carroll County I have Carroll County Cemeteries Volumes 1, 3 and 6 as well as the Carroll County Marriage Licenses 1837-1899 all published by the Carroll County Genealogy Society. For Baltimore I have the Mount Olivet Caretakers Records. I know that the Jacob Englebrecht diaries in particular are difficult to find anymore so I would be happy to check on names and do look ups for anybody interested in information for these areas

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Hi Gail, I am interested in Francis Jarboe, son of Bennet Jarboe and Monica Wathen, b. abt 1768 & d. in Frederick Co. in 1825. He was baptised in St. Mary's County. In the Marriage License Index for Frederick County 1778-1810, I found his marriage to Sarah McVicker (his 2nd marriage). Outside of finding some court cases, and what I have mentioned here, I have little to no info for him. I would appreciate it if you would have time to look for his name. If you find something in one of your sources, I can try to find it in Salt Lake City later this year. Thanks, Karen
Sure thing, Karen. I'll do some hunting and get back to you.

Have a great evening!
Hi Karen Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've checked my reference books was not able to find any thing at all on Francis Jarboe, aside from the mention of him in the Frederick County License Index. They are not listed in Names in Stone either so it's probably a safe bet that they were not buried here. I've added his name to my list of names to keep an eye out for. Wish I could have been more help.
Hi Gail, Thank you for checking your references. I will keep digging. I will be in Salt Lake City in November and will try to "mine" so more info on my elusive grandfather. :-) Some day I hope to visit Frederick County and do some primary research there. Thanks again for your offer to check your references. Karen
Karen, Jarboe is a big name in Southern MD. Have you tried to search there? St. Mary's is a southern county, so it sounds as if he moved north to Frederick Co. I don't have any Southern MD books, but I do have access to some. Let me know if you have searched that area and came up empty. If not, I will see what I can find. I just don't want to duplicate your efforts. Debbie
Hi Debbie, Actually my husband's and my ancestors connected for the first time (our families connect 3 times) in St. Mary's County. Our connection is way out on the limbs of the tree, but still find it fascinating. So between the two of us, we have gotten a lot of info from St. Mary's. I know there is still some out there from Frederick Co., I just have to find it. Francis' first wife is an unknown, I don't know who she is or where they married. That may have happened in St. Mary's. I will continue to search. Francis Jarboe is an unusual name, so if you happen to come across any Francis' I would appreciate a heads up. I know some others have listed my Francis as a women, but that isn't the case. Thanks for your offer. I will be in Salt Lake City later this year and will do more research of Maryland for my Jarboe. Karen
Hi Gail,

Am interested in finding out where a Arthur E. Linney is buried and any other information about him.

He married Mary Harrison in Pennsylvania and died on the 25th July 1924 in Baltimore, Maryland. I have found him on the 1920 and 1930 US Federal cencus and think i have found him on the 1900 cencus in Scranton, Pennsylvania working as a bartender, but not to sure about this. He was born in England in 1876.

Mary Harrison was the sister of my maternal grandmother, she was born in Parr, St.Helens, Lancashire, she emmigrated to USA with her sister Ann and father James in 1895. I know my grandmother and her daughter visited their family in 1900 arriving at Ellis Island.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I dont know very much about this side of my family after emmigrating.Kindest regards Stella
Hi Stellla, I'll check my Baltimore records to see if I can find him in any of the cemetery books. Also, Maryland Online archives has a great link for searching for death records. You can also order death certificates right from that site as well which will give you a ton of information, including where he was buried in most cases, the funeral home as well as parents names. The Enoch Pratt Free library also provides research assistance. Since you know Arthur's date of death, they might be able to locate an obituary for you. I'm not sure if the email copies are still free, but the fee is very small for paper copies. They've been an excellent resource for me.
Hi Gail, I have been looking for James Clare or Clair. His son was born in either Garrett or Fredrick county @ 1790. We (I am the third generation to butt up against this brick wall) can't find any information as to his parents. Do you see anyone of that last name. Many thanks in advance from all of us! Bridgid
Hi Bridget

I will add that name to my list and let you now if I find something!

I am seeing information for Christopher Turnpaugh (Christoffell Dornbach) (abt 1735 - 1805) who owned land in what is now Hampstead, MD, was the overseer for the Carroll's plantation (The Caves) from about 1760 - 1801, and owned property in Baltimore Town abt 1797.  His wife was Anna Catharine (Catharina) with children, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Phillip, George, Margaret, Simon, and John.  Catherine married William Adams, Elizabeth married Frederick Decker, Mary and Margaret married into Counselman/Counsilman, John married McCleasky and lived in Harford County, and Simon married three times and lived apparently in New Jersey before moving to Ohio.  I am the 3xgreat granddaughter of Simon Turnpaugh/Turnpaw.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could assist me in some lookups.  I reside in Carroll Island (Balto County) but do not have a car to get to the Carroll County resources.  Will be happy to do look ups, etc. for anyone at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore City.

Gail, do you show reference(s) to the Counselman family in the Mount Olivet Caretaker's Records?  I believe Elizabeth Turnpaugh Counselman (Counsilman or Councilman) is interred there.



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