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Mine came to the US from County Down, Northern Ireland, via Wilmington, Delaware in 1776, after the death of the patriarch of the family. They settled in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and some later moved to Western New York as well. Someday (like most things lately, of course!) I would like to track down descendants and start a reunion.

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My Lowry's came from Ireland to Philadelphia ca 1850. Have yet to find where in Ireland they were from.


We came from Donegal Ireland.

Bill Lowry
Mostly Tennessee and then Texas. Immigration from Ireland is assumed, but documentation has not been forthcoming.
This is what I have of my Lowerys:

Thomas Lowery b. 1760 St. Marys, MD, married Nancy Dedham
Ludwell Lowery b. 1797, d. 1878 Estill County, KY, married Cynthia Margaret Frazier
James C. Lowery b. 1821 Estill County, KY, married Eleanor Horn
Marion Francis Lowery b. 1849 Estill County, KY, Married Harriet A. Powell
Charles Green Lowry b. 1876 Kentucky, married Mary Jane Howard
Clitus Elmo Lowry b. 1908 Fayette County KY, married Elizabeth Haney
Robert Glenn Lowry b. 1931 Fayette County, KY, married Bettye Jane Watts
Linda Lowry
I think we may be from the same branch. My gggreat-grandfather spent most of his life in Mississippi after moving there from Alabama. His father was from South Carolina, and his grandfather was from Georgia.
My Lowery ancestor was Mary Lowery married to Edward Wing, I believe they were from SC, she was born sometime in the 1700's. They later came to Georgia. Their Daughter Elizabeth Wing was my ancestor married to Thomas Boatright.
Martin Lowry born about 1870, arrived from Ireland 1888 - Lived in Manhattan until death in early 1900's. Married to Mary Diskin from Milltown, County Galway, Ireland.
My Lowery's came from Co. Galway, Ireland in the early 1900's. Many settled in Chicago, IL, although my Grandfather, Michael Joseph Lowery, settled in Pittsburgh, PA, married to Catherine Coyne, also from Co Galway.



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