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My direct lineage is:
George Lowry, died 1770, married Margaret Lowry died 1812, m 1745
Hugh Lowry, died 1828, married Mary Harvey, born about 1740
William H. Lowry, 1802-1879, married Eliza Sherrick (1810-1892)
William Thomas Lowry 1835-1903, married Lydia Jane Gibson (1844-1884), m 1864
Joseph Arthur Arnold Lowry, 1880-1949, married Alice Jane McDonald (1882-1964)
Joseph McDonald Lowry, Sr., 1913-1994, married Mary Lenor Long (1913-2002), m 1935
Joseph McDonald Lowry, Jr.
All the men but George and Hugh were born in Pennsylvania. Hugh and his brothers and their mother came to the US after George's death.
Are these names familiar to anyone else?

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My direct lineage:
William Henry Lowry
- b: 05DEC1846 Blount County, TN
- d: 03OCT1924 Knoxville, TN
- married Isabel Edmonds 17JAN1865
Robert Nelson Lowry
- b: MAR1869 Blount County, TN
- d: around 1909 in Texas
- married Victoria Elizabeth Harris 1893
James Robert Lowry
- b: 06JUN1901 Randolph, TX
- d: 07JUL1976 Grants Pass, OR
- married Josie Ellen Lemmons 14FEB1927
John Rosco Lowry (my father)
- married Sheryl Ann Slawson 1976
John James Richard Lowry (myself)

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WHLowry was raised by the McCoy family from around age 7-9; we believe due to being an orphan. We also have some speculative parents for him from a census in 1850, but its not solid evidence.

RNLowry abruptly left TN and his first wife for unknown reasons (family legend is that he killed a man and fled the state). It is believed that he died in Fannin County or Travis County (in Austin), but no gravestone or death certificate to verify this.

So these two create some rough spots in trying to trace lineage; and WHLowry leaves a dead end.



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