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Can anyone tell me where to search for records for "Shadwell near Smithfield London"?

The info is from an Australian death certificate, and the man was born around 1800.

I have already tried most common online resources, but don't know which Parish registers I might try as a last resort.


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Hi Rosie

What was the man's name? I will try to look him up in's London Parish records for you if you like.

Also, have you tried which covers this area?

Thanx Steve
John BURGESS was born around 1800, his father's name is given on the death cert as John.

I am grateful for any assistance

Nothing definitive for that era/area I'm afraid.

Good luck with your search.

Hi Rosie,

I'm guessing you've alrady Googled Shadwell.
GENUKI has information on Shadwell and the whereabouts of it's records at:
Wikipedia comes up with:
'Shadwell is an inner-city district situated within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets located on the north bank of the Thames between Wapping to the south and Limehouse to the east. It is located 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Charing Cross and forms part of the East End of London" And these churches:
"St. Paul's Shadwell with St. James Ratcliffe, is traditionally known as the Church of Sea Captains. In 1656 the church was established as a Chapel of Ease, from St Dunstan's, at Stepney. In 1669, it was rebuilt as the Parish Church of Shadwell, and it was the last of five parish churches rebuilt after the Restoration. In 1820, it was again rebuilt as a 'Waterloo church'.

A good desription of Old Shadwell here:

I have a copy of the London Parish Map from 1903 which I could look at for you if that would help?


PS I'm pretty sure Shadwell is not near Smithfield unless its another Shadwell of course.
The "Shadwell near Smithfield, London" came from the New South Wales death certificate of a convict in 1860. The information was from his colony born son who had no education. My premise was that he got the information diectly from his father himself.
However, it is all open to interpretation I guess. Some of it is obviously error - but which bit?
I'm not sure whether to chase the Shadwell or the Smithfield now.
I know London is correct, as he was sentenced at the Old Bailey .
Hi There has baptism records for Shadwell






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