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This is a place for discussion on Loncaric families in Pennsylvania. 

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This is a brief summary on my Loncaric family line from Croatia who lived in Pennsylvania. I am desperately hoping to find someone related to me because everything I know about my family is what I researched and found. My grandfather wasn't in the picture for very long so I really don't know more then what I have found myself. I would love to know my second cousins from my Loncaric family. I might even have more aunts or uncles and first cousins from a different union from my grandfather. Anything is helpful! 


My great grandfather was Nikola Loncaric (b. 29 Sep 1883) from Fratrovci, Croatia. He married my great grandmother Lyuba (or Lyubica or Annie or Amelia) (b. 28 Oct 1886) Kostelac from Velika Gorica?, Croatia I believe in the US. Together they had at least 12 children: Frank John, Nick, Ludwig (Louis), Dragish, Elizabeth, Helen, Katie, John, Annie, Joseph??, George A., and Verone H. They lived in a few different towns in pennsylvania including: Smith, Sagamore, and Slovan. My grandfather, Louis (born Ludwig) Joseph Loncaric (b. 24 Oct 1913 d. 2 Aprl 1999) was from Sagamore, PA. He married my grandmother, Mary Emelda Strouse, around 1943. They had 5 children together. My father is Richard Loncaric from DuBois, PA. Then there is me, Jesica Ashley Loncaric from San Diego, CA. I have a moderate amount of other information and documents I have collected about this family. If anyone is related please respond!! You might know a lot more about what happened to my great grandparents and who they were, and I would love to know! 






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