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The Lloyd family I am researching is actually my stepmother's grandmother's family, from Wake County, NC. Anna Lloyd Lyndon was my 'step' grandfather's mother. We called my step grandfather, Buddy, so that's how I'll refer to him, since he really was one of my favorite grandfathers, I had 4, since both parents remarried after they divorced each other.

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I'm interested in hearing anything else you have on your grandparents. Do you have dates etc.?
hi Stacy-
The Lloyds and Lyndons were in Raleigh or Durham, NC. I actually met two of my step mom's grandmothers before they died in the 1980s/1990s

My grandparents were Buddy(William L. Lyndon) and Kitty(Sarah Katheryn Gowan). Buddy was born circa 1925, died in 1988. Kitty was born in 1931, died 1996.

Anna Helen Lloyd was born 1903, died 1999. She married Joseph Reese Lyndon circa 1921-1922, on the 1930 census they 3 children, Joseph, William(Buddy) and Mary Elizabeth. Joseph Sr was an engraver. :)

I'd like to talk to my stepmom about her family more, but she had a rough childhood, I'm hoping someday I can sit down with her and get it all down, not just the dates, but the stories-
I got away from this page somehow, sorry. I have Loyd , Merritt and Powell ancestors in the Beaver Dam and Ledge Rock area near the Wake and Durham County lines that date from the late 1700s to the mid 1800s and still know some of the ones there. There are 2 spellings for the name as you know , but both are used around here and even by brothers could be one or two Ls . My earliest Loyd though is William Loyd who married Maryanne Catherine Merritt . They were in the New Light area in the 1840s which encompasses both Ledge Rock and Beaver Dam. Did you get the stories from your grandmother yet ?

Anna was my aunt.  My father was Ricaud McKay Lloyd.  If I can be of any help let me know.  Bob Lloyd

Hi Bob-

My step mom is Sarah Lyndon Steere, though I consider her more than that- I met Anna a few times as a kid. :) She is the daughter of Buddy and Kitty Lyndon, my email is





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