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I have 3 married couples that have separate MRINs. I have not been able to understand the instructions in 'help' to fix it. Could someone please explain?

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Each marriage should have its own MRIN. I must be missing something because I don't see what is duplicated. Might also be helpful to know exactly what set of instructions you are using so that we can maybe help you understand them.

First, a couple could have multiple marriages in the case where they married, divorced, then re-married, etc.

To delete a marriage in Legacy, right click on the marriage in Family tab, then click "Remove Marriage Link".

This script (part of LTools) can help find possible duplicate marriages in the database.

SELECT tblMR.IDMR, tblMR.IDIRHusb, tblMR.IDIRWife FROM tblMR, tblMR AS tblMR_1 WHERE ((tblMR.IDMR<>tblMR_1.IDMR) AND (tblMR.IDIRHusb=tblMR_1.IDIRHusb) AND (tblMR.IDIRHusb<>0) AND (tblMR.IDIRWife=tblMR_1.IDIRWife) AND (tblMR.IDIRWife<>0)) ORDER BY tblMR.IDIRHusb

Thanks Bob. I am away from home at present and I will get back to you shortly and respond properly.

Back home again Bob.

I have a family file of about 3600 names I am working on at present. It was sent to me as a gedcom about 10 years ago. One of two brothers had some of the children attributed to him which belonged to the other. In attempting to change the children over I ended up with having to add the parents again and that is where I ran into trouble. The father added ok but when I tried to add the mother the only way I could find to do it was to accept another marriage and of course I now have 3 duplicates. I found the answer in the help index but for the life of me could get to the 'combine' option. Could you please advise me how to correct it?

I have also another problem with this family file inasmuch it added a "record change" event to all the people dated in 2005. It now shows up as "event after death". It is a huge job to delete all these because it can't be done without a confirm warning which means two clicks for each one. Any suggestions?



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