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This is the family i am looking for.I do not read or speak latvian.

Looking for info re the following people



CIRCANS Heinrick BORN ABT.1923
All in the madonna area

Any help would be great thanks in advance steve

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Hi Steve,

What religion were they? Most Latvians are Lutheran, but it is possible they were something else.

When you say "Madona area", do you mean Madona region, or close to the town of Madona? The Madona region is quite large and there are numerous parishes you can look at.

You can (after free registration) look at the Lutheran parish records at, following the path Content > Baznīcu grāmatas > Ev. lut. > Apdzīvotās vietas > and then picking parishes from there. Then pick the proper year with a "Dz" (births/baptisms) notation. You do not need to speak Latvian to read them. Records at the time of Viktors' and Rozalina's births would have been in German. If you do not speak German, you should still be able to pick the names out. Names are usually underlined or emphasized in some way.

I looked at 1888 births in Lazdonas and Cesvaines parishes, the parishes closest to the town of Madona, and did not find them. I would recommend continuing with Bērzaunes, Kalsnavas, Liepkalnes, Liezeres, Lubānas, Vestienas and Vietlavas parishes to start. If you don't find them in any of those, let me know and I can recommend some more parishes.

I am currently in the process of indexing church records for Latvia. If you would like me to let you know when I start doing so for the Madona region, please send me a private message. You can also follow my blog (address on my profile), where I will also be making those updates. My blog also provides general information helpful for researching Latvian genealogy.

Good luck! Let me know if I can be of any other assistance.




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