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Hi all ,

These are my latvian families that im looking for ANY thing on , Grandfather Augusts Jozovskis, Grandmother Elfreida Asmanis, and other Grandfather Teodors Brancis,

Grandfather Augusts Jozovskis was believed to be killed in WW2

whilst Grandparents Teodors & Elfreida came out to Australia , via the IRO after being in a displaced persons camp in Augsberg , unfortunately they never spoke of anything prior to comming out to australia.

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Where in Latvia were they from? This will be key to trying to find any further information.

If you don't know this information, you should put in an information request with the International Tracing Service to find out about their time in DP camps, which should hopefully provide also some historical background on the family including where they were born. The place where you can do this is here: and then fill out one of the forms for "Application for Information". Be sure to include as much information as you can in your request.
Hi , Elfrieda was born in stende , Augusts was from Jelgava , and my dad gunars from tukums, i do know that augusts & elfreida were married in tukums 10 may 1942,

will definitely look further into there dp camp in augsberg



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