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I descend from Rev. John Lothrop (1584-1653) and his second wife Anna (bef 1616-1687/88)
My line from this couple ends up as one of the first Settlers of Chebogue, Nova Scotia
That would be Ebenezer Ellis (1729 Plymouth, MA-1824 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia) and Hannah (1733-1818 Chebogue, Nova Scotia)

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i have a picture of rev Lothrop house in barnstable mass

I believe it is John Lothrop's bible that he brought over with him from England is on display at the Sturgis Library in Barnstable, MA. Quite impressive!

From the website:

Sturgis Library Yesterday & Today
Constructed in 1644 for the Reverend John Lothrop, founder of Barnstable, the house which forms the original part of the Library is the oldest Library building in the United States. The building is also one of the oldest houses remaining on Cape Cod. Since Reverend Lothrop used the front room of the house for public worship, another distinction of the Sturgis Library is that it is the oldest structure still standing in America where religious services were regularly held. This room, now called "The Lothrop Room," with its beamed ceiling and pumpkin-colored wide-board floors, retains the quintessential early character of authentic Cape Cod houses. Reverend Lothrop's bible, with handwritten repairs to the pages, is on display in this room.

I also descend from Rev. John Lothrop, and am Canadian, but only because my link to Lothrop, my maternal grandfather, left Michigan in 1907 to homestead in southern Alberta.

My Lothrop line from Rev. John is through his son, Thomas Lothrop (1612-1707), then through Thomas' daughter, Mary Lothrop, who married William French; their daughter Hannah French married John Child; several Child generations later we get to Mary Elizabeth Childs, who was my gg grandmother.

I'm working on a diploma program through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, but have just today discovered this network - what fun!

Gail in Vancouver

Elizabeth, I still had your email, but never deleted..I knew I would get back!

I descend from John Lothrops "other" wife, but I also descend from William French!

John & William are both my 9th G Grandfathers. But again, I descend from William's "other" wife

We are half halves at best!

I have Hannah & Mary Child, but not any sons that would lead to you. They were apparently a bit off my field of interest.

I have not used this site in a while....I should check back in more often!



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