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The Southern Knights--the ones who named all their kids "John" (haha)

I have a gg/grandmother who is elusive about her lineage.  Henrietta Knight b. 1859-60, m. Daniel Bradbury Hunter abt. 1876-7 probably in Bradford County, FL.  I suspect she is descended from all the other Knights in the area from the many-Johned Knight family of south Ga who started out in Virginia. (Peter>William>John,John,John, etc...)

Many of the online Trees are very incomplete when it comes to male lines that are not those of the ones publishing the lineages--always the way.  :-]  So just wondering if there are any descendants of the John Knights of south Georgia who may have some insight.  Thanks!

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I actually found my Henrietta's family!  I was able to get her death certificate, and it had her father's name "Jonathan"  (of course! haha!) and her county of birth, Hamilton, FL.  It also stated that her birthdate was one year previous to that on her gravestone (Nov. 1859 instead of Nov. 1860)--this was to prove essential in finding her family.  This was a great breakthrough, as a third cousin and I played Hercule Poirot, and went on a many-month search.  We deduced and made assumptions for Jonathan's birthdate and marriage date, and found a marriage index on that had a Jonathan Knight and Jane Starling married in 1857 in Hamilton County, FL.  We started searching existing family trees, and found that it was commonly known that Jonathan Knight and Jane Starling had a son Charles Judson Knight, born July of 1861 (so if Henrietta had been born in Nov. of 1860, she could not have been in this family!). Henrietta had a son she named Malcolm Judson--this was pointing in the right direction. :-]  In finding Jonathan's Knight family, we found that he was the son of Thomas J. Knight, Sr. (son of John Knight,III--told ya! ;-]), and was actually living with his brother Thomas J. Knight, Jr. in the 1850 Census in Hamilton County at age 15.

Now to prove her connection...  Jonathan Knight died during the Civil War in a Savannah Hospital and is buried up there. Since I could find no evidence of this family in the 1870 Census (neither in the 1860 Census--beside the point) I made another assumption that Jane had died and the children were living with a relative. Further investigation on Familysearch showed an indexed letter of guardianship to one Alexander M. Starling (Jane's younger brother) for an "H and CJ Knight".  Whoohoo!  So I took a trip to Hamilton County (luckily only an hour and a half away) and found the letter that was indexed, stating  "Henrietta and Charles J. Knight, orphans of Jonathan and Jane Knight".  Proof!  It was dated Sept. 1871--so I still don't know where the heck they were in 1860 or 1870, but I did find my connection!

All that to say this...  there is always hope!  :-]



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