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If you are researching or interested in the region of Piedmont (Piemonte) genealogically, please post your queries, family information, any resources you'd like to share and anything else that you feel is applicable to Piedmont here. If you would prefer that your post be viewed by the whole group, post it to the Comment Wall and not here (please don't double post to both places), just keep in mind that posts in the Comment Wall will quickly be buried by new posts...

Provinces Include:
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (VB)
Vercelli (VC)
Cuneo (CN)
Novaro (NO)
Turin (Torino) (TO)
Alessandria (AL)
Asti (AT)
Biella (BI)

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I am researching Biella, the home of 2 of my wonderful immigrant great grandparents:

My paternal great grandmother: Secondina GARBACCIO, born 10 March 1868 in Mosso, Province of Biella, Piedmont Region - Parents: Felicita FORNA? and Antonio GARBACCIO

and her 1st husband:

My paternal great grandfather: Ercole GARBACCIO, born 26 December 1867 in Mosso, Province of Biella, Piedmont Region - Parents: Giuseppa BARRA/BIRRA/BERRA? and Giuseppe GARBACCIO

If anyone is also researching these areas or find these surnames familiar, please contact me!

Linda J. Barnes
I am looking for the graves of my great grandparents. Maria Margherita Oberto and Domenico Filiberto Perelli. The were both born in San Giacomo, Locana, Italy. Maria Margherita Oberts birthdate was April 5, 1877 (I think). Death date of Oct 24, 1951. I don't have a birthdate for Domenico, only death of April 22, 1934 . I am also looking for the grave of Giovanna Aimonetti.birthdate about 1857 in Italy. I would appreciate any information that can be found about my ancestors.


My maternal grandfather's side of the family leaves me with little to go on.  It seems my grandfather's parents were Francis Noverio (dob 4/17/1860) and his wife's name was Tressia Noverio (dob 6/24/1860).  The only info I have indicates that her maiden name was Noverio also.  I think her father was Charles Noverio.  The only town in Italy I have heard is Prascorsano, which is north of Torino.  My grandfather Charles Noverio was born in 1889 in the States.  An older brother John was born in 1886, possibly in Italy.  My great grandparents died in the States.  If anyone has any info at all, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Sincerely,   Kathy

Hello all, my husband's grandfather, Spirito Pecora was born in Novaro in 1900.  His mother was Adele Pecora, who was born in Savona, Genova, Italy about 1880.  Spirito changed his name to Harry Pecora around 1920.  I'm looking for more information on Adele.


Our big brick wall just now is my fiancé's Nonna.

Her name was Loretta SASSANA (though there's an outside chance it's Sassana LORETTA). She lived out her days in Borgosesia. Her son Vincenzo emigrated to France. That's fiancé's father.

Antenatti is battering me over the head consistently. So is every other route just now.

Any tips please guys?



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