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Feel free to ask questions or post comments here about the Basic Level Courses you are taking.

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Hi there. New to Genealogy Wise and to the NIGS. I've taken Met 1 and Using the Internet. Taking Met 2 and Research: Family Search next month. Planning to do a course a month until they get more challenging.

I'm wondering when there will be more development for the Italian certificate. I've sort of followed news about the NIGS for a while as I began to contemplate whether or not I wanted to take my genealogy to the next level, and now that I'm here, it seems there hasn't been much progress on courses past the basic level. Does anyone have any updates on this?

Nice to "meet" you!

Hi Bev. I checked for you. The other Intermediate Italian course and the Advanced Italian courses are still under development for the certificate. You can see more clearly on this link - which courses are ready to take and which courses are still pending:





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