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Family History Centers are a great place to further your research for free. Of course you can always rent any of the millions of films available from the Family History Library (Salt Lake), but the Centers also offer free access to several "pay" websites, for use while in the Family History Center.

Those websites include: - millions of original images from the US National Archives - full Rev War pension files, and lots of other military records, city directories, newspapers and more. - "the" Swedish research site online
Godfrey Memorial Library - a private genealogy library in CT, with lots of unique databases, access to lots of newspaper databases (including Access NewspaperArchives), and a whole host of other website links. Really an underutilized treasure.
Heritage Quest Online - Census records, genealogy books, Rev War pension files (the 'short' versions), Freedman's Bank Records, and US Serial Set - oh and PERSI (PERiodical Source Index)
World Vital Records - vital records, newspapers, books, publications - quite a bit of everything.

Its a great idea to "test drive" some of the pay sites before you subscribe, and this is one of the best ways to do it, since they are full-featured and completely FREE at the Family History Centers.

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Another center for free genealogical internet resources is your public library. In Texas, we have free access to Footnote, Heritage Quest, and within our libraries. We're also fortunate to have in our city two active genealogy groups that have donated hundreds of books and other resources to our public library system. Our city responded in kind by dedicating a whole floor to genealogy research, complete with microfilm readers, computers, and trained staff. Libraries at most large cities have genealogy departments that provide similar services.
I have just read the latest N/L and found this site is there to be used by all so here I am being a part of it as well.

I have just one question with ref to the LDS History Centres listings and contact addresses her in Aust (sth Aust)
Some of the addresses are ?? and private numbers where the person answering is quite upset that the numbers are wrongly published.
I have tried and tried to get in contact with ALL of the listed sites by leaving messages etc; but to date not ONE reply or returned call.
The reason I am doing this is to pre order the films that I want to look at but I can assure you that I am not going to travel 100s of klms just to be told come back when they have arrived.

As I have stated I have the film numbers I require and when I do eventually see them it will be a very very long day as there are quite a few pages to look at.

Hopefully I will get a good reply for this question !!

Wayne - I would suggest that you contact FamilySearch support and ask them if they have current contact area for the Family History Centres in your area. You can e-mail them at, or call the Toll Free number for Australia is 1-800-083-293.

Mary - there are only a very few Family History Centers that still have access to Access was removed a couple years ago, and replaced with all the other premium databases listed above.
I believe they also have "world" access to Thanks for the reminder though - I always seem to forget about actually going there.





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