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To answer my own question, I am researching the ASHBURN and GLASS families, who were in Pope Co by 1820 and McLean by 1850. I have some more information I'll provide later.

I'm also interested in some families who spend a bit of time in Henry Co. MUMFORD, ALLEN, and BRISTOL.

I live in Chicago now, so am willing to visit cemeteries or go to Newberry Library for people, if you have requests.
I have also been looking for the Glass fam from Metcalfe co.Ky they came from Clarksville Tn before that they came from N.C. I do have some info. They are my mother-in-law`s mothers fam who married into the Witty fam in same county in Ky in abt 1770`s
I am researching:
SKIBBE, MIOTTEL, PANZER, and SCHUCK families of Chicago, Cook, Illinois (originally from Germany)
POUNDSTONE family of Piatt and Macon counties.
CLARK family of Fayette, Macon, and McHenry counties.
DURBIN family of Fayette, Macon and Effingham counties.
Logue family of Fayette county
My Glass and Ashburn families were in Fayette, too, which I forgot to mention. Any tips on the county records?
Oh, and an IL-related anecdote appropriate for a genealogy website. My Ashburns moved to southern IL around 1820, as I said, and named their oldest daughter Illinois. This became a family tradition, which has actually helped me identify family members. It lasted through my grandmother, who was an oldest daughter, although not an Ashburn, but thank goodness she hated her name so that she didn't name my mother (an oldest daughter) accordingly, and my mother never thought to follow that tradition when naming me.
I'm looking in Bloomington, McLean County for the following surnames between the years approximately 1850-1900:


There were a whole bunch of Packard siblings who came to Bloomington over a period of about 20 years, from Canada, either directly or by way of Massachusetts and New York. These were my great-great grandfather Matthew Hale Packard (Canada to Chautauqua County, NY, to Bloomington) and his brothers Major Wellman Packard, Francis A. (Frank) Packard, Thaddeus Bullock Packard, Charles R. Packard, and William B. Packard. There was also George Monroe and Joseph Monroe, each of whom was married to a Packard (sisters to the above-named brothers).

Major (his name, not a military rank) Wellman Packard was an attorney and a friend of Abraham Lincoln. The Library of Congress has digitized one of M. W. Packard's letters to Lincoln. See it here.

Francis A. (Frank) Packard was a doctor.

My great-great grandfather Matthew Hale Packard was a carpenter. Most of these brothers, though they were of Canadian birth, served in the Civil War. Thaddeus and William served from Illinois. Supposedly, Frank did, too, but I haven't been able to find any record either on the Civil War Soldier's and Sailor's System or with IRAD. Matthew Hale Packard served in 2 different regiments of New York Cavalry, moving to Bloomington after the Civil War.

I have census information on all of them, and a land deed for Major Wellman Packard, for land he bought from a railroad that was selling off parcels.

Who knew that a Packard was a friend of Abraham Lincoln. Fascinating. There's a lot of information about Packards out there, so I'm not surprised one bit. That's why I created a Packard family history blog called 'Packed with Packards'!

I am researching many people, in several areas.

John Bennett Winters, his wife Anna Walker, and their daughter Catherine Elizabeth Winters moved to Chicago from Tonawanda, Erie, New York sometime between late 1861 and 1870. Catherine Elizabeth Winters' daughter Kathleen Graham (whose birth name may have been Catherine) was born on 31 October 1879, probably in Chicago. Kathleen's father James Graham was also from Chicago. He was born around 1854. Although the only record I have that I am sure is him is from the 1881 Census of Canada (he and his wife and daughter had moved to Quebec by 1881), I think I have identified him in the 1870 U.S. census (but am trying to get proof that the records are for the same person). If I have the right person, he was born in New York, then moved to Sandusky, Erie, Ohio (the family is there in the 1860 census and one child had been born in Ohio), and in the 1860s moved to Chicago. More children in the family were born in Illinois. Catherine Elizabeth Winters, her two children, and her second husband James Mapplebeck later moved to Alton, Madison, Illinois; she and her children are there for the 1900 census, and although her husband was not listed with the family, I found a listing for him in an Alton, Illinois telephone directory. Kathleen Graham's oldest daughter Vivian was born in Illinois on 9 August 1901. As of the 1900 census Kathleen was not married, and although we know that John Boe, who Kathleen later married, was not Vivian's father, I don't know who her father was; apparently some of Vivian's descendants do not know that John Boe was not her biological father.

My great-great-grandfather Andrew T. Anderson immigrated to Chicago from Sweden in 1872. His brother, two of his sisters, his niece, and possibly other family members also immigrated to Chicago, and everyone may have come over at different times. In 1877 he married Marthe Elisabeth Erickson, who immigrated to Chicago from Norway around 1873-1874. She was living with her sister and brother-in-law, and they may have come over together. I am researching the descendants of these people too.

My great-great-grandfather Charles John Dahlquist immigrated from Sweden in 1881 and lived in Chicago. His brother Frans August Johanson also immigrated to Chicago in 1882. Charles John Dahlquist married Mary Louise Borg in 1885. She was from Porter County, Indiana, but moved to Chicago after she married, and several of her siblings moved to Chicago too (one brother did not stay there, but another brother and a sister did). Mary Louise Borg's mother Johanna C. Samuelson immigrated from Sweden in 1851 with her parents and two brothers, and although the family settled in Porter County, Indiana, they spent their first year in Chicago. Johanna's father was Samuel Erickson. I am researching the descendants of this branch of the family too.

My great-grandparents Henry Brown Gatlin and Anna Gertrude Tarkington were originally from Tennessee, but had moved to Chicago by 1910 (I can't find them in the census anywhere that year, but my grandfather was born in Chicago in 1910). By 1918 Henry Brown Gatlin's parents John William M. Gatlin (usually referred to as William M. Gatlin) and Sarah Claire Dyer had moved to Chicago too, along with most of their children. Their two youngest sons were living with them in 1920. Two other sons were in separate households in 1920, and their 1917-1918 World War I draft registration cards indicate that they were living in Chicago. One son died in Chicago in 1918. Another son was in prison in Chester, Randolph, Illinois in 1910. I know from newspaper articles that he went to Kentucky after he was released and then went to Indiana, where he was arrested twice and served two more sentences. His 1917-1918 draft registration card says that he was living in Chicago. He was arrested again in 1917 in Chicago and sent to Joliet Prison, where he was shot and killed in 1919 for resisting an officer. One of their daughters moved to Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana, but she and her husband and children were living in Chicago by 1930. I do not know what happened to their other daughter; she was old enough that she could have gotten married, and if she did she may have moved to Chicago, remained in Tennessee, or moved elsewhere.

My great-great-great-grandfather Davidson Binkley moved from Tennessee to Illinois with his wife Angeline Isabelle Mayo and their son sometime between 1956 and 1959. Notes that came from a family Bible say that the family lived in Anna, Union, Illinois and that my great-great-grandmother Anna Mary Malvina Binkley was born there on 19 December 1859. By 1860 the family was living in Williamson County, Illinois. Another son was born in Illinois in 1861. In 1862 Davidson Binkley enlisted in the Union army. His residence was Bainbridge, Williamson, Illinois, and he enlisted at Camp Butler. He died in 1863 in Cairo, Alexander, Illinois. By 1870 Angeline and the children had returned to Tennessee.
On your Gatlin, Chicago Tribune obituary for Sarah mentions 2 daughters. Anna and the late Florence Pate. I find Florences obit and that says Mary Florence Pate. Other siblings obits list Anna as a Doyling. Message me if you want these obits.
I am researching Ford, Gunn, Brumbaugh, Davis, Jaynes, Tierney, Dooling, Robertson, Delp(h), Carpenter, Ebrey, Cork, Bork, Marquis, Coffman, Dugan, Goddard, Goforth, Hyndman, Kernodle, Kohler, Leadford, Lilley, Mackey, MacMurray, Richey, Stahlschmidt, Slinsky, Thrasher, Unterbrink.

The searching has led me to IL, OH, MO, OH, AZ, VA, PA, KY

Carol Robertson
I have been researching Doolings who emigrated to Minersville, Schuylkill County, PA from Ireland in about 1850. Most moved to Philadelphia by the 1900s. jay Dooling
I'm researching the Sutton Family from Henderson County. Harry C. Sutton married Alice Wolf on 28 Sept 1897 in Henderson County, I know that one daughter (Nettie Mae Sutton) was born in Lomax, IL. All information would be a big help.





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