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My gggrandfather is also George P. Holt. He married Martha Dunfield his next door neighbor and the Dunfield family was also caring for Margaret A. Holt age 3 in the 1860 Crawford Co. Ark. census.

My ggrandmother was Maggie Alice Holt who was raised in Buckner childrens orphanage until she found a home with a Reverend and his wife. She went to the orphanage at age 4yrs. I have the orphanage papers I recieved from them if anyone wants copies. Also it mentions another sister Audry who came at the same time. this document gives place and date of deaths of both parents. I have also been in correspondence to the family of Verna (another daughter of George and Martha).

Danny I would love to talk more of this to you, it seems we are on the same line. I would love to know more the info you have on Shardrick and Milly and their family. Thanks.


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It does sound like we are from the same line. Maggie would have been my greatgrandfather's half sister. After Martha died George married Mollie Blair. They had one child Layton. Layton didn't know much about his half siblings that were left in TX. All that I was ever told is that there were 3 children that went to an orphanage. Layton was only 2 months old when George died and he was about 16 when his mother died. Most of the info I have on George and his family has come from the census. I do have a marriage license for George and Mollie and his brother John W. who married Eliza Ann South. Both of them got married in Clay Co. TX, George in 1886 and John in 1888. Mollie remarried in 1890 and in the 1900 census she shows up in Garvin Co. OK along with John W and his family. In the 1910 census John W shows up in Grady Co. OK. He died in 1918 and was burried in Montague Co. TX. I also have his death certificate.

I only have census information for Shadrack in 1850 and 1860. I list his name as Shadrack although I have seen is spelled in many different ways. In the 1850 census it looks like Shadrac, in 1860 it looks like Shodenek, I have seen it as Shaderick, and on John W's death certificate it has him as Chadwick. On I found someone had his death as Aug 1860. I did find out that there was a flu epidemic in Crawford Co. Arkansas in 1860. That would explain why Margaret was with the neighbors. There was also a child Charles that was on the 1850 census but didn't show up on the 1860 census so I figure he may have died earlier that year from the flu and Margaret's twin brother Thomas must have died at that time also. He is on the 1860 census but I can't find him on any other census. The 1870 census only has Milly, John W, and M. A. the next houshold is G. P., Martha and W. T.

I have talked to some poeple that think there could be a connection between a Shadrack Sr. who was born in VA and died in TN and our Shadrack. I have even seen the will for this Shadrack Sr. but can't make any solid connection.

That's about all that I have. I would love to get a copy of the orphanage documents that you have and would be glad to share any of the documents that I have.



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