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My grandfather, Aubrey Jefferson Holt was born August 10, 1900 in Birmingham, Alabama. I am hoping you have some details about his parents. Here is what I have: In 1909, he was taken to the Presbyterian Home for Children in Talladega, Alabama. On the roster, it shows his mother, Ida Bennett, admitted him there. She list his father as deceased.

In 1918 my grandfather listed his mother as Ida Sims on his Military Draft Form with her address as 1600 Pearson Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama.

In 1952 he list his mother as Ida Hamilton on his Social Security application. He list his father as Barry Charles Holt.

Barry Charles Holt must have died between 1900 and 1909. I am not sure if they were ever married. I can't find him on any records at all on Birth Certificates were not required in Alabama until 1909 so I can't even get a copy of my grandfathers birth certificate to see how his parents were listed there. So, I am really hoping you have some information as I have exhausted all of my other resources.

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