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Hello all,
  I am searching for a family connection between the Harris Family of Pa and Conn. I am descended from the Thomas Harris(1655-1697) that married Ruth James in 1680. Many people have him mistakenly identified as the son of Daniel Harris and Mary Weld of Ma. This is not correct. At this point his parents have not been proven but clues are pointing to the fact that he was orphaned at a young age and had a brother named Walter.
   His son, Nathaniel Harris(1693-1775) of Cumberland , NJ, married as his 2nd wife. a young woman named Elizabeth Harris (maiden Name) (1697-1773) in 1722.  ELIZABETH HARRIS is reported to be Nathaniel's 3rd Cousin and descended from JOHN HARRIS of Pa. 
  If this is true then these 2 families are linked and the great mystery of Thomas' heritage and that of all his descendents may be closer to being solved.
  I have been searching for the parents of this Elizabeth Harris of Pa. I am hoping one of you may know of her and be able to help me. I found recorded on someone family tree that they were a John Harris and Elizabeth Rowe...but i can't find an Elizabeth Rowe either.
 Thank you for your time.
Marjorie Harris McLean

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Hi there!! I do not have any information on Elizabeth Harris from PA. I'm sorry. I am trying to find information on Catherine Harris born 1699-1700 from PA. I only know she married Robert Sayers born 1700 in PA. They settled in Augusta Co. VA. They are my 7th great grand parents. I have Roberts will and many other documents but only a couple list Catherine. I have found that many have listed William Clariborne Harris (1699-1730) and Temperance Overton (1679-1710) as her parents. But I see no documentation supporting that claim. I am new to this site as of last week and trying to find a clue. I saw that your post from some time ago and hope you have found something to work with. Happy hunting!

Hello Cousins! I just found this forum and its been so helpful!

I'm Sarah, my paternal ancestor is John Harris Sr./Esther Say (Harrisburg, PA).  I was recently gifted my "family bible" FULL of pictures and letters and sources and have become hooked and obviously SUPER curious.

I found a webpage (on here actually!) concerning many Harris branches, it also contains a very handy numbering system that I have been using with ( to see if someone, somewhere lines up.

I was aware Nathaniel and Elizabeth were cousins, just not exactly where. I have also been trying to find out if Elizabeth Harris(Harris) was related to John Harris Sr. of Harrisburg, PA. But have not been able to find anything regarding John Harris/Elizabeth Rowe though .... Yet!

To start, Jesse Leonard Harris(1837-1900)/Amanda Florence Hulse(1843-1912), his x3 great grandfather was John Harris Sr. (1673-1748)/Esther.

Amanda was a descendant of Samuel Harris(1696-1773)/Sarah Johnson(1697-1761), whom I believe is Nathaniel Harris/Elizabeth Harris(H) brother, by Thomas Harris Sr. and Ruth James.

(I'll use the number system I found so I don't get confused, and you can find your info later)

One of the branches on the page listed below, is from Scotland that emigrated about the same time as my John14, possibly a bit earlier. John2(1723-1794) is a descendant of them. He is the founder of Mifflinton, PA, and he wrote a letter dated July 30, 1900 to my John14 calling him "cousin" but this could be because John2's mother was born a "McClure" and so was John14's wife.

Hope this was helpful, or I can be of more help to both of us!






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