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Haplogroup R1a1a

Welcome to Y-chromosomal Haplogroup R1a1a. This widespread haplogroup covers central/eastern Europe, central Asia and south Asia (India). Smaller populations can aslo be found in Scandanavia, the UK and southern Europe.

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This haplogroup is quite controversial today with opposing views on it's origin(s). One side sees it as Central Asia and another sees it as India. There is quite the debate in the scientific community. There are also few subclades of this group, which is a stark contrast to many in R1b.

R1a1 (now R1a1a) is supposedly the haplogroup that domesticated the horse and spread the Indo-European languages. This may be contested as new subclades and ancient DNA information is being revealed.

I myself have ancestry from Poland (a stronghold of R1a's) but my closest match on at 67 markers is from India with a Genetic Distance (GD) of 14. Despite the distant timeframe for Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), I contacted this person and found out that he was confused about having his closest match from Poland. Since then and we have become great friends - very very distant cousins - that both live in the US.

I originally didn't think too much about a distant connection to India, until I was in a Polish deli and as I started speaking Polish to the clerk, when a lady nearby looked at me and told the clerk that I didn't LOOK Polish. I told her that I was indeed Polish. Or was I? My genealogical research has only gotten me back to my great grand father in Poland, but I don't know much about him but his name.

My lower resolution 12 marker matches are all over Europe -England, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Norway and France and there may be what could be a remnant migration route. But what about India? The highest percentages of matches or near matches at low resolution are from Pakistan, Tajikistan and India. But low resolution may be well outside of a genealogical timeframe and maybe just hints at the past (See map image above).

I invite anyone to provide comments and especially wish to hear from other R1a1's. My journey so far into genetic genealogy takes up a good portion of my spare time as a biologist, but has made me feel more confident, outgoing and outreaching than ever before. I've enjoyed the GG presentations I've given at conferences and hope that more people will test to discover their ancient past and potential lost relatives.

Robert Sliwinski

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Comment by Pat Taylor Jennings on February 19, 2012 at 7:48am

My brother has tested into the R1a1a haplogroup as well as a distant cousin, and our name is Taylor.  Our earliest known ancestor was Mathew Taylor, A Scottish Covenantor, who settled in Londonderry (then Nutfield) New Hampshire in about 1722.  He and his bride came from the vicinity of Londonderry, Ireland and makes references to his forebears being from Scotland but no specific place was named.  I would be most interested to follow a group of the Taylor surname within this haplogroup, from Scotland.

Comment by Mark Even Jensen on August 6, 2011 at 6:05pm
Hi! well i sent my 23andme data to DNA Tribes and they sent back a bunch of ethnic stuff. Interesting is the Pakistan/Indus percentage; my Reinhard(t) background may have "gypsy"or Sinti connections like Django Reinhardt, the guitarist. I also sent the data off to Dr. D McD again, the last time was over a year ago with the 500K chip and the new one is 1 meg I think and he has refined his tests. I got my Y data from Gene Tree and it seems FTDNA takes it for $19 if you are new to them, but I am asking about adding it to my account.
Comment by Jacqueline Ryerson on August 6, 2011 at 5:55pm
Looks like we are in the same boat in trying to locate close matches. My brother is only postive for M417 & M198. The subclade test & SNP L342 were negative. Have you come across any more tests that would be helpful. What is the SNP test that you talked about on Facebook that could define a subclade? Lawrence Mayka indicated my brother may be borderline K but I haven't seen any tests which would indicate this subclade. I hope that in the future more tests are available like they have for the R1b's.
Comment by Jacqueline Ryerson on August 4, 2011 at 10:04am
Anything new showing up on the Walk thru the Y testing? So far my brother is R1a1a1, plus for M417 & M198. Negative for subclade tests and SNP 342. So far 1.9% Croatia, 1.4% Kazakhstan, 1.4% Slovenia & 1.5% Slovakia which appears to be Eastern Europe origins. Possible k borderline. Is there any tests to determine subclade k yet or is that test in its early stages.
Comment by Robert Sliwinski on July 26, 2011 at 5:26pm

Hi all, I prefer correspoding with you via email, this way I can answer questions directly.  you can email me at


I've already corresponded with Laurie.  Mark, Does place you as Young Scandinavian?  Somerled's group may have originated from this migration of Vikings from Norway. 


Jacqueline, DNA results that are exact matches or close matches up to three steps away are useful for finding family, but anything further goes way back into history where finding a common ancestor may be impossible.  Email me and we'll take a closer look at the Y-DNA results you wish to find out more about.

Comment by Mark Even Jensen on July 19, 2011 at 11:47pm
sorry if i appear to be hijacking the thread, but i understand Rbt is very undestanding...
Comment by Robert Sliwinski on July 19, 2011 at 7:43pm

Sorry folks for the delay.  I compose some answers and comments soon. 

Comment by Mark Even Jensen on July 16, 2011 at 7:50pm
the actual site for Family Search dot org provided many facsimile records and others just text for me in the last week including the death record of blacksmith Andrew Reinhard my gg grandfather signed by his pastor son charles p., but the latter also signed the notice for his 32 y.o. MD son Harold L.; the site is related to the LDS Chruch
Comment by Jacqueline Ryerson on July 16, 2011 at 7:43pm
I have no idea where are paternal side came from as I was stuck with Alfred Francis born March 22, 1813 in either N.Y. or Canada. I do know his youngest son (my great great grandfather) had black hair & black eyes like one of his brothers per their Civil War records. Alfred was a shoemaker & my gggrandfather & one of his brothers were blacksmiths. Its been a long journey trying to locate ancestors (even from centuries ago) & I'm just finding that my paternal side is somehow connected to the Schanz/Tschanz etc. familes from Switzerland. I don't know if I need some other SNP's (FTDNA is having a sale right now) that would further pinpoint ancestry. I'm sorry that I'm not up to date with dna studies as I started out doing the family genealogy & got sucked into the dna tests due to roadblocks. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Comment by Mark Even Jensen on July 16, 2011 at 6:56pm

Most people would not go through with it even if they could afford it, unless they had a group to sponsor the research and a good sized pool of "like" DNA to draw from.

The email date is march 2009 and i am reading a detailed blog post about clan donald markers at this very moment. Dr. Doug McDonald is a Chem Prof but very interested in genomics and personally through computers test people who send him data from 23andme and other, and he said he was using me as a Scandi control to test for Somerled markers...Viking's enslaved all kinds of people particularly Slav hence the word, so if the ref. below is good they got my person in Russia, but integrated him such as he became a well to do Mill owner in Skagen DK by 1875 or so...:)


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