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I just joined.  I am the admin for the Farrar DNA project,

I am in haplogroup R1a1 lineage 1.  My hg in ISOGG is R1a1a1h*, FTDNA hasn't yet classified out that far.

I am Ysearch FRXP4, a number of members of the project also have Ysearch ID's


This group (Farrar DNA project) is anomalous. To date, per the R1a1 project, and similar projects

there are no no other known R1a1a1h* Z94+, z93-, in Western Europe, much less Britain.

Not all in haplogroup R1a1, Lineage 1 are Farrars, there are some Farrows, and Farrow is sometimes

a hypercorrected form of Farrar (but not always). There are also Ross and Davis, but there ancestor was born Farrar and adopted out, a Houston whose ancestor changed his name.

Then there are the three Brits, the rest of us are Americans, and an English, and an Evans (all tested to Z93+).

Hypothesis is that we are descended from a Sarmatian, either an auxillary of the Roman legion stationed at the Roman Castra at Ribchester (only 17 miles from the historic Farrar home in West Riding Yorkshire) or an Alani (Sarmatian Tribe) that was allowed by the Roman Praetor/General to settle in Armorica (Modern Brittany) or even a Sarmatian stationed along the Rhine whose descendant made it into a Danish Viking Band.

At any rate the SNP Z93 is Eurasian and is currently thought to be Scythian/Sarmatian see this graphic here:

I know of one other Z93+ in Britain, surname of Lett but he is also Z94+ whereas none of us are Z94+

Any ideas are appreciated.

My test results:

Your Haplogroup Tests Taken
R1a1a1 Z93+ M417+ M198+ Z94- Z284- Z283- Z280- PK5- P98- M64.2- M56- M458- M434- M157.1- L342- L176.1-

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