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I have uncovered proof that John Haynes (b1614) in Boxgrove was the son of John Haynes of Huntspill and Margaret Cockayne. This is very significant because of who Margaret Cockayne was. I need to know how everyone is so certain that john Haynes and Elizabeth Stanford are Richard parents. I believe they are but I need some evidence. There must be something if everyone is so sure that they are. If anyone can help point me in the right directon, please post. If I can prove this relationship I am hoping to place Richard on the list of Gateway ancestors. 

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okay, then the question is which markers are they not matching... are they the more rapidly mutating or slower mutating markers?


Your best bet is to contact Dan at Tell him we have been talking about Y DNA testing. He is very helpful.



I have no idea. I do not get this stuff but just got an email from John Sloan who is running the U198 YDNA research group at FTDNA. He says that my Dad is S16906.

Lots of new SNPs below U198. The majority of U198 is S15627 so the fact that my Dad is S16906 which is beyond S16994, makes this unique. Supposedly less than 2 to 3 percent of U 198 is this haplogroup.




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