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I have uncovered proof that John Haynes (b1614) in Boxgrove was the son of John Haynes of Huntspill and Margaret Cockayne. This is very significant because of who Margaret Cockayne was. I need to know how everyone is so certain that john Haynes and Elizabeth Stanford are Richard parents. I believe they are but I need some evidence. There must be something if everyone is so sure that they are. If anyone can help point me in the right directon, please post. If I can prove this relationship I am hoping to place Richard on the list of Gateway ancestors. 

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It will be interesting to see what you've found.  On genforum, there is this notation:  

Many Haines in America are descendants of John Hayne who was born in Boxgrove, Sussex, England about 1580. He is the father of John Richard Haines also born in Boxglove, Sussex, England 24 Aug 1614. John Richard Haines and his wife Elizabeth Stanford are the parents of Richard Haines who was born in Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England about 1642. Richard died aboard the Amity in 1682 on the voyage from England with his family.

John Hayne, has been confused with John Haynes, the 1st Governor of the Colony of Connecticut who was born 1 May 1594 in Essex, England. This John Haynes had six children with wife Mary Thornton. After her death, he remarried Mabel Harlakenden, with whom he had five more children. (Reference Connecticut State Library

He has also been confused with another John Haynes (b. ab1586) of Cockayne-Hatley, Bedfordshire, England. This John Haynes married Margaret Cokayne (b. abt 1590) about 1614 at Cockayne-Hatley, Bedfordshire, England. (Reference LDS Ancestral file.)

He IS the John Haynes that married Margaret Cockayne. I have proven it. They may have married in Bedfordshire but John Haynes was from Huntspill. Somerset. It is all in my family tree in Ancestry,com. John Haynes and Margaret Cockayne lived in Hunstpill, Somerset and relocated to Boxgrove after a flood in 1607 that hit the Bristol Channel. Huntspill was destroyed. Margaret Cockayne has family ties to Boxgrove.   

That is TERRIFIC research, Peter!!!

BTW, I tried to find your tree again, but it isn't showing up.  Could you put the link here?

I think it looks good.  Nicholas Cokayne also had siblings.  I subscribe to an English genealogy website ( that does research on Royals and other famous lineages.  Here's the Cokayne lineage they have, and it matches perfectly with yours:



John Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley (d 1427, chief baron of the Exchequer)
Most of this section was previously uploaded on 17.03.05 into draft Cockayne1 (sic) but was moved here to facilitate expansion.
m. Ida or Ede/Edith Grey (dau of Reignold, Lord Grey de Ruthyn)
1. Reignold Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  m. Beatrice Wallis (dau of John Wallis or Walleys)
  A. John Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  m. Elizabeth Bosvile (dau of John Bosvile or Boswill or Boyvile)
  i. Edmond Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  m. Elizabeth Locke
  a. Humfrey Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  m. Catherine Savage (dau of John Savage of Cheshire)
  (1) Chad Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Luke (dau of Nicholas Luke of Couple, Baron of the Exchequer
  (A) John Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  m. Elizabeth Stacy
(i) Lewis Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  Visitation shows the marriages as 1. Ursula Pell 2. Margaret Hare but it must surely be the other way round as the children by Margaret Hare were shown as married by 1634 but those by Ursula Pell were not.
  m1. Margaret Hare (sister of Sir Rafe Hare)
  (a) John Cokayne
  m. Suzan Feld of Hertford (dsp)
  (b) Elizabeth Cokayne
  m. Alexander Napier (son of Sir Robert Napier, Bart)
(c) Mary Cokayne
  m. George Andrews of Tingrith
  m2. (c12.1613) Ursula Pell (dau of Sir Richard Pell of Dimbleby, re...
  (d)+ other issue (a 1634) - Richard (b c1616), Thomas, Dorothy
  (ii) Elizabeth Cokayne
  m. (sp) Sir Patrick Hume
  (iii)+ other issue - John, Thomas of Shingey (had issue), Lawrence, Nicholas
  (B) Nicholas Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley
  m. Jane Denys of Gloucestershire
  (i) Nicholas Cokayne of Souldrop, Bedfordshire (2nd son)
  m. Katherine Duncombe (dau of John Duncombe of Great Brickhill)
  (a)+ issue (a 1634) - Sir John (b c1627), Nicholas, Oliver, Sibell, Katherine, Elizabeth, Arabella, Jane
(ii) Elizabeth Cokayne
  m. George King of Bugden
  (iii) Margaret Cokayne
  m. John Haynes of Hunspill
  (iv)+ other issue - Oliver, Charles in London, Dorothy
  (C) Judith Cokayne probably the Judith who married ...
  m. John Raymond
(D)+ issue - George of Cotten End in Cardington (had issue), Rose, others (d young - William, Frances, Margery, Anne)
  (2) Isabell Cokayne
  m1. Michael Fisher of Clyfton (natural son of Sir Michael)
  m2. James ffage of Clyfton
  (3)+ other issue - John (d young), Margaret (dsp)
  b. William Cokayne
  m. Margaret (m2. Edward Nenell of Kidlington)
  (1) Frances Cokayne
  m1. (William) Rotherham
  m2. Adam Markham
  ii. Beatrice Cokayne
  m. Sir Thomas Tirrell
2. Elizabeth Cockayne possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Philip le Boteler of Watton Woodall

I believe the evidence is clear that the Margaret Haynes buried at Boxgrove is Margaret Cockayne. I need to prove that the John Haynes born in Boxgrove in 1614 and Elizabeth Stanford were Richards parents. I believe he is, but there is not enough evidence to prove it. I wrote a comment on Richard Haines' record that explains why I believe he is the son of John Haynes and Elizabeth Stanford, but I would like to know how LDS arrived at their conclusion. I am also working on proving that John Haynes of Huntspill was the son of William Heynes of Shropshire. I believe their is strong evidence to suggest he was.


Have you done any Y DNA testing? I had my father tested and have joined two different Haines/Haynes/Hinds/Hines genetic genealogy groups through FTDNA. My Dad has tested and comfirmed to be U198. I am going to test him next for a new SNP S16906.

If you want to find out exactly where they came from, this is the best way without any paper trail. The more Haines/Haynes/Hinds males that test, the easier this will be. Incidentially, Joseph Haines of NJ descendant is matching my Dad past the 67 marker. We are descendants of James Haines/Haynes/Hinds of Salem.

New SNP's are coming out fairly fast so this is an involving science. Really exciting, and much more definitive than guessing which area of England they originated. Shortly, the Haines/Haynes group (John Sloan, head researcher) should be able to figure this out.

So, I'd highly recommend joining us.

I have done the basic Ancestry test. Can I send or attach the results to these new sites ?


First of all, you are an amazing researcher and I know as much as you love this, genetic genealogy will be even more fun for you. You can download your raw data DNA from Ancestry to FTDNA (it was about $39 dollars when they had a special) or download it to Gedmatch for free. Gedmatch is now asking for donations of ten dollars a month to run all the special reports...this use to be free but at ten it is still a bargain. I believe the basic color DNA charts are still free and worth the time, just to do that.

Gedmatch and FTDNA gives you the ability to search per chromosome and SNP segment and match "cousins" at distinct locations, no guessing like Ancestry. So you can pinpoint which chromosome and where exactly and how much. Amazingly, I have found lots of leads to brick walls (my Hawkins, Taylor and Lanier lines of VA are now back to England). Gedmatch also has lots of free tutorials which explain everything. There are videos on You Tube about Gedmatch so you can watch. Being the conservative person that I am, I read up on it and had a "cousin" who is well known genetic genealogist speaker, coach me on jumping in. Once involved, once it was primary sources that I wanted, now I want genetic confirmation of my tree. I am working on mapping my tree now.

You can also contact Dan Hinds at and tell him that we have been "chatting". He is one of the lead persons for the Haines/Haynes/Hinds Y DNA. The Y DNA is really the way to go but it's not is far cheaper than traveling someplace to research or endlessly buying books. Dan and my Dad are matching and we now believe it might be James Haines of Salem circa 1637 before he was stuck in NJ in the middle 1700's, so testing my Dad has helped him and he is now working backwards from James Haines.

If you are still on Ancestry DNA, do a search for Haines and see who comes up...maybe I will come up, along with my Dad, brother Brad and paternal aunt Mary Louise Haines Elgin. Additionally, if you call Ancestry, they will probably walk you through how to download (or you can read the directions on their website) your raw data DNA to Gedmatch if you ask nicely.

Please let me know if you are going to join in. Gedmatch might take a few weeks to process your data but once they do (and it's tokenized...just means ready to run) let me know and I will run a comparison between us. My kit number is A012273...will have to go look up the rest of the family.

Kindest Regards,

Heidi Haines Handley

I will. Thanks 

I did send my DNA results to GEDMATCH last year. But I wasn't sure what to do wit the results.My kit # is A097596. But I am not sure what to do now. I am going to have to research how it all works. I would gladly Y DNA if it would help give me some answers. 

Heidi, is your dad matching the Joseph Haines descendant at a 0-1  range, or is it more towards the 3,4,5 range at the 67 marker?

 He is matching one of the Haines, I think it was Charles Smith Haines, Phd at 2 and matching Dan at the top of my head. Matching James Haines other descendant.



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