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Richard Haynes was the son of John Haynes and Elizabeth Stanford of Sussex England. But He was not the grandson of Gov. Haynes as was previously thought. Gov. Haynes' 1st son John (1617-1638) died two years before Richard's parents were married. Nothing further is known about Richard's father except that his father's name was John Hayne. Elizabeth Stanford was a direct descendant of Sir William Stanford and Alice Palmer. The Palmers of Sussex are a gentry family with a royal pedigree. John and Elizabeth Haynes were married in Rudgwick, Sussex on 9 May1640. Afterward they relocated to London, where their first child John "Hains" was baptized on 4 Aug 1641 at St Brides Fleet St. (also note Elizabeth Stanford's death record at St Brides on 19 Nov 1687) Richard Haynes was probably born in London between 1642 and 1644 but no birth record has been found as of yet. Possibly due to the Great Fire of London in 1666 that completely destroyed the inner city, including St Brides Church. At some point Richard's brother John Hains relocated to Oxfordshire where he met and married his wife Mary Smith at the Banbury Friends Meeting house. In 1665 a great plague hit London. It was the last great epidemic of the Bubonic Plague to occur in England. The Great Plague killed an estimated 100,000 people, about 15% of London's population, including 238 members of St Brides Church in a single week. Businesses were closed when merchants and professionals fled. Defoe wrote "Nothing was to be seen but wagons and carts, with goods, women, servants, children, coaches filled with people of the better sort, and horsemen attending them, and all hurrying away" As the plague raged throughout the summer, only a small number of clergymen, physicians and apothecaries remained to cope with an increasingly large number of victims". This is when I believe Richard Haynes took his wife Margaret and their son John, and following in the steps of his brother John , purchased land in nearby Aynhoe. Richard is first seen on St Michael's church rolls when his son Richard is baptized there in 1665. Richard's name is spelled "Hains" the same spelling as on his brother John's baptism record in London. By the time Richard's daughter Mary is born in 1676 he has become a Quaker, probably influenced by John who is a member of the Banbury Meeting. The spelling of Richard's name on his daughter Mary's birth record at the Banbury Meeting has now changed to :Haynes, the same spelling as on his brother John's marriage record. I believe this change in spelling is proof that the recorder in Banbury knew that Richard was John's brother. In 1682 Richard Haynes left England with his family and migrated to America, however he died in route before ever reaching New Jersey. 

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Thank you VERY much for researching this!!!

IT was a pleasure. I only wish I had been able to report a different outcome. But better to know the truth.



Have you joined any DNA research groups. I submitted my Dad's DNA to the Haynes group on FTDNA. I should have the results of the Y DNA test in a couple of weeks.

I have also loaded the whole family (including my Dad, Lew Haines) on Gedmatch. My number is A012273 and my Dad's is A460850, my brother's A832713. Also, my paternal aunt and son are on Gedmatch as well.

The whole family is on Ancestry DNA and mine is on FTDNA along with my Dad's Y DNA.

Do you know who John Haynes' siblings were?

Heidi Haines Handley

This is very good research. Thank you. I had read in Pitfalls in Genealogical Research by M. Rubincam p. 23 that somebody had mixed up their John Haynes and that Richard was not the one who descended from the Governor.



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